The New B2B Buying...

  B2B Buying Decisions are Shifting because of COVID, new technologies, and buyer mindsets ... So, Reset the Match Between Mutual Priorities and Capabilities... There is still a lot to know. Start with acknowledging your REAL Strategic Sweet Spot - what your client needs that you deliver better than alternatives. Know your industry’s and your client's top list of priorities. Know their options (not just about your competition). Know your product’s real capabilities and value that are better. If you don't have a differentiation, promote better! Don't Think Like a Salesperson... Except when Qualifying: You are not selling. You are sharing your industry research and POV so you can find (and earn) common ground conversation… where both sides honor each other enough to listen and actually learn. Disagreement will be key as you both play devil’s advocate and validate real needs and issues. It is your job to question and negotiate. This works after you have earned mutual respect

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