Business Not as Usual

The content and activities around Conferences have always been a catalyst for success. Industries and entire economies rely on them. But the walls are down … some forever. 
This is a post about what we can do about it - together.
New methods require new business models with new paths to profit. shares a way forward below...
But first, check out their new service that matches speakers with Only Relevant audiences and topics at  NOW, HERE IS MORE about the evolving Conference Industry:

As we all need new definitions of success, we must test and discover hybrid blends of online/offline solutions for: 
RelationshipsLearning / SharingPromotions / Sales / BuyingWe should collaborate and agree on:
New Methods and New Best Practices  New Business Models with multiple compensation options for everythingIncluding a unified industry voice:
To share what works best nextWith dynamic value and recommendations from real peer-ratingsResulting in the inevitable flow to…

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