Business Not as Usual

The content and activities around Conferences have always been a catalyst for success. Industries and entire economies rely on them. But the walls are down … some forever. 
This is a post about what we can do about it... together.

New methods require new business models with new paths to profit. 

As we all need new definitions of success, we must test and discover hybrid blends of online/offline solutions for: 
RelationshipsLearning / SharingPromotions / Sales / BuyingWe should collaborate and agree on:
New Methods and New Best Practices  New Business Models with multiple compensation options for everythingIncluding a unified industry voice:
To share what works best nextWith dynamic value and recommendations from real peer-ratingsResulting in the inevitable flow to the best path:
Redistribution of Attendee’s budgets for THEIR most relevant experiences.So... Business Not as Usual

Our Conference Industry deserves a unified community voice of truth to collaborate on the development of a new Mark…

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