B2B Selling - Top 7 Topics (#1 = Stop Selling)

Your B2B Buyer's Decisions have shifted ... Because of COVID, new technologies, and evolving mindsets ... So, simply reset the match between your mutual priorities and capabilities. Easy, right? These are the Top 7 Sales conversations that I am having with my clients... 1) STOP SELLING - Step back from your pitch and assess how current changes affect your clients and their need for you as a person and as a solution. How can YOU help? What insights can you bring from your vantage point across their industry. Your thoughtful external perspective has never been more necessary. Clarify your plan with your Sales and Marketing team (and entire company). Use our 10-point go-t-market plan (with an AI twist, of course) at: 2) Don't be selfish ... their objections are beyond you. What do they need to understand or get past before they can focus on you? Do you really know what is on THEIR top 10 list? 3) Earn better sales opportunities by delivering the con

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