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EatMedia.com is where we share our hunger for multimedia innovation to feed your business with sales growth ideas and actions.

Our goal is to inspire you to have fun by taking control of your media message and technology... Enjoy the Digital Buffet... Participate or be left behind ...

Eat or be Eaten! 

An early inspiration for this name was Drucker's "Culture eats strategy for lunch"... Yum!

One of us is David Cutler. Since he is obsessed with business development as a way to Harness Digital for a better Analog life.... see more about his Sales Strategy & Tactics at DavidCutler.net 

About David ...  

After starting on Madison Avenue as a creative business development professional for the Media and Publishing Industries, David focused his passion for sales strategy and tactics on evolving content and business models to Digital, Social, and Mobile.  He honed his skills for growing revenue from new technology integration at large and boutique Agencies like Ogilvy in New York and Beacon Street Partners in Boston. Currently, Cutler is a Sales & Marketing Coach for fast-moving Web3 technology companies.

- 617-331-7852  or  dcutler@eatmedia.com
- Linkedin - www.linkedin.com/in/cutler
- Choose a time to talk/Zoom: https://calendly.com/dcutler

Recommendation from a client:

"David Cutler is a passionate connector and coach  and a magnet for creative energy. I have been working with him for years and strongly endorse his character and capabilities. 

David surrounds himself with a personal universe of innovative, positive people, and he has a way of putting the right people together so all parties can accomplish goals they never would have reached individually.

 People like me bring David their best ideas, plans and even dreams, because we know he is a person who can facilitate the process of moving them from conception to reality, that he genuinely wants to see us succeed, and that he will throw all his resources and connections into making that happen.

Also of prime importance is that David is not just about making things happen, he’s about making GOOD things happen. Underlying everything is his core of integrity and dedication to finding real value for all parties involved in the process – from creator - to client - to end user. For these reasons and more, I consider David an invaluable business resource, and also a trusted friend."
               - Anne Martinez
                 President of AnVenture and www.GoCertify.com

Other Stuff we are doing these days...

The Red Cross Needs You ... Before You Need Them
See Feel free to take a look at our corporate development plan and projects for the tech community... because your participation is needed to save lives.

Rockport Acoustic Music Festival - Unplug! 

Free music of all kinds on the 2nd Sunday of every August. This is the 40th anniversary of "Music in the Meadow" across from Front Beach in beautiful Rockport, MA.

Our friends and families have been running it for the last decade). More at www.RockportFestival.com 

Abstract Photography to Inspire us to Look
David gets commissioned to find the art in your business and personal life. 

A little byte of history... The Webopedia!

We started on the early Web... and are proud that our first "Dot Com" is still being helpful -  give it a try by searching for any tech term...

Enter a Tech Term...

David's first Blog post in 2000 - charming ... 

Extra points and a cocktail of your choice if you can identify this:
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What are we eating these days

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