A few posts to prep our next session


To inspire our (shared?) obsession for sales and marketing progress through customer success...

Here are a few posts that define my POV on current transitions, opportunities, and recommendations with new tech and techniques:

> Options for imminent changes

> Partnerships are in a Renaissance 

> AI + Blockchain = Web3 Success

What Next?

Let's talk about your 10-point Business Development Checklist.

What are your AI moves for Sales? See a summary of our "AI for Sales Leaders" Workshop

We can also clarify how you are taking advantage of AI, such as your friendly Robot Co-Pilot ... who will set up your productivity auto-pilot.

The tools are here to test learn and build. Two examples of AI as your team "Force Multiplier" ...
  • MatchBot - Design services for more transparent and effective AI Agents.
  • EchoSphere - Multiply the capabilities of each employee by enabling their individual participation and value, while expanding your company's growth.
I can also share real-world examples from a few companies we are learning with, such as:

NuArca Labs - Helping Financial Compliance Teams with custom services and a proven AI/LLM platform to enhance employee effectiveness for optimized customer success.  

Impact Chain - Unlocking the business value of Sustainability with end-to-endless supply chain traceability and trust to empower the confidence for marketing momentum... without Greenwashing.

Circular Labs - This new and improved 4th generation Blockchain Distributed Ledger toolset is designed for software integrators and developers who want to harness only the best of multi-blockchain to create interconnected, regenerative value across ecosystems.

ABRIS Artificial Intelligence, Web3 Consultancy with these custom development Services:
  • Strategic Advisory
  • Conversational Agents
  • Prompt Engineering
  • Vector DB Embeddings
  • Privacy + AI
  • Langchain Implementations
  • AI Stack Optimizations
  • Custom LLM

Your options are getting better every day.

Choose any time on my calendar or just give me a buzz...


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