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David Cutler – Sales Growth Strategy and Actions
LinkedIn at: http://www.linkedin.com/in/cutler

David Cutler is a Digital Sales Advisor for companies of all sizes that want to discover better ways to Get Attention to Get Sales. 

David's goal is to help you take advantage of new opportunities with Digital, Mobile, and Social Networks - including the best ways to leverage Artificial Intelligence. His focus is always on innovative yet attainable solutions to solve marketing problems and grow sales. Cutler is an Advertising Agency Guy that followed "Marketing" into the Technology Industry it evolved into. 

Cutler is known for discovering the most relevant benefits of Traditional business and New Media for more effective sales materials, communications, and customer engagement. He can share unique insights because of his experiences with “integrated marketing” and Business Development across a wide range of Industries. As an entrepreneur he is aware of the issues and opportunities of the startup environment that need to be part of every company these days. 

He covers the evolution of your digital marketing diet at www.EatMedia.com

He demystifies the real opportunities with Web3 and AI at www.TruthRefinery.com

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