Ogilvy Action - Partners Across Screens

Here are just some of our great Interactive and Mobile activities that we are are deploying with Ogilvy and partners like Kodak and Time Warner and Siemens and Yahoo and ... etc.

Watch Ogilvy Action in... Action!...

Kodak engages - with User-Controlled Content and mobile phone interactivity in Times Square and the Web

Time Warner Cable - Their Signature Home is interactive

A corporate fireside chat - without the fire but with real interactive chat (and pics) across 50 offices

During "Mobile Battle" - The Twitter Wall is the most outspoken panelist in the Ogilvy Theater

Yahoos Event Series - Using all the bright, shiny, interactive stuff for VIPs

NY Digital Labs - Showcase of the smartest and coolest ... and music videos

Smart Sales Stunts - Like the World's Greatest "Brick" Salesman video contest (should I win?)

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