B2B Tech Buying - Top 10 Topics (#1 = Stop Selling)

B2B Tech Buying Decisions are Shifting ... because of COVID, new technologies, and your buyer's evolving mindsets ... So, the (deceptively) simple plan should be to reset the match between your mutual priorities and capabilities. Easy, right?

This post defines the Top 10 most important topics with my B2B Tech clients...

(This post is mostly about how to stop selling during your sales process)

1) STOP SELLING - Step back from your pitch and assess how current changes affect your clients and their need for you as a person and as a solution. How can YOU help? What insights can you bring from your vantage point across their industry. Your thoughtful external perspective has never been more necessary.

2) Don't be selfish... their objections are beyond you. What do they need to understand or get past before they can focus on you? Do you really know what is on their top 10 list?

3) Do you just need to tell your story better... or do you need a better story?

4) RE-acknowledge your Strategic Sweet Spot - what your client needs that you deliver better than alternatives. Know your industry’s and your client's top list of priorities. Know their options (not just about your competition). Know your product’s real capabilities and value that are better. If you don't have a differentiation, promote better!

5) Don't Think Like a Salesperson...

You are not selling. You are sharing your industry research and POV so you can find (and earn) common ground conversations. These are where both sides honor each other enough to listen and actually learn. Disagreement will be key as you both play devil’s advocate and validate real needs and issues. It is your job to question. This only works after you have earned mutual respect. Get beyond client/vendor posturing, or you are wasting energy.

7) Earn the role of Trusted Challenger. 

8) Qualify Qualify Qualify - Practice ongoing qualifying of their mindset and methods so you can move deeper or away to better prospects. It is hard to give up but crucial to focus on the right opportunities.

Know their criteria. Do they have an appetite for new solutions? Are they tech-minded enough? Do they care?  Put an effort into qualifying where you can earn a real conversation to openly assess their BANT - Budget, Authority, Need, Timing.

Grow Truth Roots - The goal is to uncover the official/unofficial buying process, influencers, adjacent department initiatives, etc.

9) Build momentum down the hall

The best way to have your clients consider you (after your meetings), is to give them reason to in simple, memorable points that match their issues. Give them something to talk about. Use their vocabulary. Inspire them to use new vocabulary.

As you position your consistent brand concepts, include demonstrations of successes with similar users. Video testimonials are powerful. Build a dedicated referrals process by providing your referrers and community with shareable, valuable info.

Discover and disclose real industry insights that they can get credit for.

10) Never Negotiate... you are both just clarifying their priority problems and the costs associated with you fixing them.


Look up. Give a damn beyond your own deals and you will discover and earn better opportunities for you personally, your clients, and your company... all while meeting the constantly evolving shifts in your business and (hot tip!) converging adjacent markets.

Bonus: Another 10 Data points...

Key Takeaways From the “B2B Buying Disconnect” TrustRadius Report:

  1.   Millennials are changing the B2B tech market.

  2.   Tech buyers really hate B2B marketing tactics. 

  3.   Here are the marketing tactics that actually work. 

  4.   Buyers use 5 main info sources to make decisions. 

  5.   Today’s buyers demand self-service options. 

  6.   Data security concerns are having a big impact. 

  7.   Covid-19 changed the buyer’s journey. 

  8.   The 2021 tech spending forecast looks pretty good. 

  9.   Few software marketers use the power of intent data. 

  10.   B2B reviews have a strong influence on buyers.

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