Sell The Sweet Spot

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Sell The Sweet Spot
Do you want more Sales? Concentrate on the Sweet Spot.

When was the last time you answered this seemingly simple question - What do you provide your customers that your competitors do not?  

The value of answering this question is that it gives you a place of strength to build your Marketing strategy. Including the Sweet Spot in your pitch should force you to focus on the clients that will be your most satisfied, repeat customers. Simply, they REALLY want what you got.

Where do we start?  The most successful companies assess these 3 circles in a Venn diagram to concentrate on the Sweet Spot.  The goal is to accurately assess your own capabilities and really understand your client's needs. 

The sweetest spot you offer is what your competitors cannot - click to Tweet that!

As you see in the above image, this is not the "center" of your world... but slightly towards your client's needs.

Let’s take a quick look at the 3 circles (I also summarize them in a short video below):

1)    You – your product and company reputation

What do you do best? Ask your customers what they think at every opportunity. Be determined to know your true value and your “Unique Selling Proposition.” Self-assessment can be a bitter pill but it will cure what ails you. Insist on the truth from your trusted network of friends, employees, and partners. Experiment with quick surveys and anonymous online polls, such as: SurveyMonkeyEasyPolls, and Poll Everywhere.

2)    Client – Assess your customer’s needs and expectations

Focus on understanding your prospects that are most likely to be loyal. Ask them what they need and how they expect to interact with you. For example, use your smartphone the way they do. Discover how you can provide real value and utility. Look for innovative ways that you can create to help your customers.

In this age of constant communication it can be overwhelming trying to keep up with all the Digital channels - Web, Social, Mobile, Video, etc. But the more you listen to what your customers want, the easier it will be to focus on the most relevant methods to engage them.

3)    Them – Your real competitors

After you clarify yourself and which customers you should focus on, re-evaluate your competition and take a good look at them. These are your prospect's other choices in your area and beyond - remember, these days there are new avenues to reaching clients. Know how many channels your competition is using.

Check out your competitor’s websites. Check them from a smartphone. Sign up for their newsletters. Use to get free emails of their activities. Also, keep an open mind that your “competitors” can be more than unrelated distractions. Since you both have similar Sweet Spots, they can also be your next best partner… so consider an alliance. But that is a good topic of another article!

What is your Sweet Spot?  

My main message is to learn about your new media opportunities (and obligations) by fearlessly participating with them. Y'know Eat Media or Be Eaten! 

So, here is another example of experimenting with Media... a 2:00 video explaining the 3 elements of the Sweet Spot.

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