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As an an experienced Sales and Marketing Team Leader. I insure we make our numbers, build skills, and find inspiration in the field. 

I am open to discussions about a new, challenging Sales and Marketing Management position...
  • To build reciprocal relationships and increase revenue
  • Where ambitious, innovative actions are needed to make an impact
  • At the intersection of Customer Success and Business Development 
I am a Marketing-minded Sales leader. I create opportunities for my team and my clients. I am an enthusiastic client development professional across industries, media, mobile, and the most relevant emerging tech. 

My goal is to be an inspiring and productive part of a team committed to growing business with positive attitudes towards learning, sharing, and evolving. I am always eager to exercise my ability to initiate and manage innovative, yet attainable, projects that require an integrated strategy across multiple departments. 

Currently... My business is helping all types of people sell better as a Business Development Coach. See more about my Sales Strategy & Tactics at

My previous gig, was Managing Director of full service marketing tech strategy and Innovation DELIVERY firm Creative Chaos, I was responsible for selling our technology development services to the Fortune 5000 and the Startups they fear (and need). 

We design and build their digital presence... data-driven marketing portals, mobile apps, AI dashboards... whatever they need and aspire to!

Success comes from making trusting and productive matches between our team resources and the right people at Corporations and their "Innovation Labs." This often happens through their Partners; Technology Vendors, Management Consultants, Marketing Service Agencies, Publishers, and funded Startups. 

My recent POV on BizDev:

- 7 Proven Ways to Ring The Bell and Grow Value, Trust, Sales -


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