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As an experienced Sales and Marketing Team Leader and revenue contributor. I insure we make our numbers, build skills, and find inspiration in the field. 

I am always open to conversations about career opportunities with companies that match my open enthusiasm ...
  • Clarify our reciprocal relationships and quickly increase revenue ...
  • Where ambitious, innovative actions are needed to make an impact ...
  • At the intersection of Customer Success and Business Development.
My goal is to be an inspiring and productive part of a team committed to growing business with positive attitudes towards learning, sharing, and evolving. I am always eager to exercise my ability to initiate and manage innovative, yet attainable, projects that require an integrated strategy across multiple departments. 

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Currently... my business is helping people sell better as a B2B Business Development Coach. See more about my Sales Strategy & Tactics at

 I also write for to translate leading-edge Web technologies for non-tech business units - including  AI, IoT, Blockchain, and NFTs!

My POV on BizDev:

- A simple flywheel and your Path to Profit

- 7 Proven Ways to Ring The Bell and Grow Value, Trust, Sales:

- Tips for "Selling Out": 

Check out my latest Masterclass and client case study with tips and techniques:


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