Multiple Streams of Income = The American Dream

 Are You Getting Yours?

The new normal these days is to have a couple of projects on the side for getting your multiple streams of income AND to take advantage of the best time in history to be an entrepreneur and manage a business. The Web has the tools - are you harvesting?

I'd like to believe it is a requirement... not just in response to (serious) economic needs but because learning and innovation are a wonderful privilege that will keep us young, evolving, and inspired... it's the American Dream!

WHAT you do depends on a few important elements like resources, market conditions, and, oh yeah... what you really like! Deciding on what you know and believe in is harder than it sounds. 

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3) Opportunities in the market are also hard to predict.  So...


Below you can get some ideas from the Top 10 fastest growing market segments inspired by Inc. Magazine's suggestions and projected by IBIS World (where Researchers get their research).

 1) The largest five-year revenue growth is relaxation beverages with 24.8 percent annually! Think about it... as we chug our coffee and energy drinks (5 hours at a time), who is helping us come down?! Personally, I am not comfortable with helping people ride the upper/downer roller coaster ride ("Elvis Presley's Last Ride in Vegas")... the point is that there is opportunity in helping people deal with their deluge of responsibilities.

2) Online gaming development is also a good target for entrepreneurs with a projected five-year revenue growth at 24.4 percent annually. Mobile and Smartphone is hot - ask millions of Angry Birds. For background read the What , Why, and How of Mobile Marketing.

Think about what you love and what you hate... there could be an App For That.

Here are the rest (with predicted annual revenue growth):

3) Internet publishing and broadcasting (9.9 percent)
4) Corporate wellness services (9.8 percent)
5) Online survey software (9.6 percent)
6) Ecommerce and online auctions (also 9.6 percent)
7) Wineries (4.9 percent)
8) Human resources and benefits administration (4.2 percent)
9) Scientific and economic consulting (3.8 percent)
10) Street vendors (3.7 percent) trucks averaged a 23 percent profit margin!

Contact me to discuss where you are inspired... 

"What is your project?" - that's what the Queen of England has been asking people in those long receiving lines for the last 60 years... You should have a good answer when she asks you...