Innovate with your Independence

During all the fun and fireworks today, consider the freedom we have earned ... allowing us to innovate and grow businesses that challenge our abilities while sustaining our families and economies. Be inspired.
This 1912 "double octuple newspaper press" image is from an etsy print seller ($15)... historonically using the Web to distribute it!  
Consider the opportunities and obligations that evolved in so many inventors' minds and needs from society for the below cellphone to be the awesome media distribution medium we all hold in our hands. Click here to see our recent overview of Mobile Marketing.

What responsibilities do you have to evolve your role in history? How do you make your industry better... your company more innovative and effective?... your job more meaningful?

Be inspired.

For more... check out the 2011 International Design Excellence Awards. Go HERE for an interactive map of the below image of winners of tech-prosthetics (in the center) rain catchers, fire trucks, and a better mouse (trap)...