Plug-In To Events with Mobile

We have found the ultimate solution to "event remorse" ... that's when you don't make the right connections at a business event and your Netweaving efforts are not valuable enough ... you need to get Plugged in!

Plug (from Mobinett) is a mobile phone App (and mobile site) to connect with relevant people before, during and after events. Plug connects you with your network, as well as new people, automatically matching you with others who have shared interests. You can also search attendee profiles by keywords to find exactly the people you’re looking for.

Think of Plug as foursquare and eHarmony for events. 

Visit to register and download Plug mobile apps.

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FYI, Plug was recently chosen by's Beta Boston project.

Sign up with LinkedIn, Twitter, or facebook to automatically populate your Plug profile and start networking in under a minute! Share events, event happenings and shout-outs to all your Social Networks from within Plug. Event organizers can manage event posts, agendas, info, directions, polls and more...

Check out this video welcome and setup tutorial for a National Director's Conference of an ideal association - Business Networking International(BNI):

Let's Plug-in at the next event we are at together... and make the right connections.

Three (Social) Points for Events:
1.  Listen and empower - Online forums such as LinkedIn groups and Facebook allow attendees to communicate and collaborate before and after the event.  This can change the dynamic of the event in a positive way, as more meaningful dialogue and participation can occur if attendees have more "common knowledge points" at the start of the event.

2.   Mobile applications are feeding the frenzy by making social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and blogs easily accessible during live events. This not only increases social participation of your live audience, but, now, all the people on the web who weren't able to attend the event in person can now follow the live updates and engage.

3.   Speakers MUST be better prepared to tailor their message to the audience and deliver a great presentation since feedback is being posted on the Internet in real time via Twitter, Facebook, or attendees' blogs. See an example of a truly interactive presentation with mobile polling HERE