Mobile Commerce - Unbound In 5 Minutes

Below is that 5 minute video presentation from our partner Unbound Commerce. They build m-commerce solutions... putting your store on a mobile designed website (not an App) easily accessible from any phone. 

The mobile buying experience is different from a stationary browser-enabled one. There is magic in a customer's location... 
- instant gratification to buy
- at the "point of highest desire" (including in-store product availability)
- destination/store finder/store maps
- talking to customer service with one click-to-call
- bar code scanning
... all with pin-point accurate incentives like coupons ... and how about game-play points...

You know you need to sell your stuff through mobile phones ... because your customers are as glued to their device as you are and InMobi predicts 2011 sales to reach $9 billion. If you need more stats on the importance of Mobile Sales and Marketing, check out this amazing list.

BUT there are some questions with the technology before you can successfully engage, scale and keep more profit.

"Proximity Marketing" is the answer to growing sales with the most relevant customers at the right time ... Check out our recent Point-of-view on Mobile here.

The first decision is to choose from these two tech platforms:   

1- "Native Apps" are all the rage with their quick lush content only a few swipes and pokes away (after an App Store search which is a different product for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.). 

2- Your more efficient and effective choice is an integrated (to your existing eCommerce system)  "Web App" that is easily found through any phone's browser. Plus html5 now allows for rich experiences.

Here are several issues you need to keep in mind::

1- User experience (always first and should be)
2- Bandwidth availability wherever the customer is
3- Content rendering speed and with camera, GPS, mic,+
4- Findability of Web sites versus App stores
5- Leverage existing site promo - SEO, etc.
6- Updateability of new content
7- A/B testing of content (hard w/ Native Apps)
8- Security (always last and shouldn't be)

Check out this 5 minute overview of your Mobile technology concerns and choices:

(Nice job Wilson

Here is a summary of your choices ... pick #3...

Alternative #1: Keep using only your Web Store:
• Causes “Pinch and Zoom Fatigue”
• Very hard to convert sales
• Poor user experience so few come back
• Average mobile-originating traffic 2-5% you don't see a need... but a good experience attracts 15%+

Alternative #2: Mobile App:
• Pretty but not flexible for updates for nimble sales
• Only 10% downloads would be expected
• Must build fo Apple, Android, RIM, Win7, Nokia/Ovi, and..?
• Marketing needed, to drive discovery and adoption
• Must integrate commerce anyway (under 25% have checkout capability).

Alternative #3: Mobile Site:
• Provides optimal experience to all
3000+ Smartphones
... allowing "write once, run everywhere"
• Use existing eCommerce security and fraud systems
• 78% of users prefer site over app
• Drives new "mobile audience" revenues, traffic
... impulse buy factor, anywhere, anytime
...Supports in-store purchases
• No added marketing required (just your existing URL)
• Can be bookmarked with App-like icon 

Also remember: don't settle for a "transcoder" version that merely mirrors your existing (stationary) eCommerce infrastructure. The retailer needs to build in-house ... and not share revenue with a vendor!

We have done our homework. The best choice is Unbound Commerce.

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