So Much Social Media ... So Now What?

(above image of connected connections thanks to Yankee in Canada)

As you realize that your list of contacts are more about quality than quantity... you still also want more that matter.

We are inviting you to participate in the development a process that combines both traditional and new answers to these questions:

What can you do with your personal and professional network of Online and Offline connections? Where is the value to you and your many lists of connections, Facebook friends, Likes, bumps, Linkedins, ...?
How do you use Old School etiquette rules with powerful New School netiquette tools?

What are the opportunities to help them and to help yourself? What are your obligations?

Which do you nurture? What are their expectations? Who will benefit from your network?

Do you know what you want from them? Do you know what you deserve? Do you know how to earn it? Do you know what they need and what you can offer them? What is your process? When is it most relevant?

Answers combine:

- a re-evaluation of your philosophy of why you are on this earth
- incorporating the Netweaving process (read a simple definition here)
- understanding Gordon Curtis and his mantra of being Well Connected
- smarter use of Web and Social Network tools - like with Fresh Ground
- telling your best stories - like Jeff Cutler does
- making a game of the quality of nodes within Metcalf's Law 2.0
- smart mobile phone services like Mobinett's PLUG that provides valuable utility to the above questions just when you need them.


Let's also pick up this conversation as we apply solutions to the new relationship between Boston World Partnerships and - a great set of connections! Consider the economic development opportunities of a "Well Connected Partnerships."

Very interesting.