No More Personal "Bland"

So, where is your music video?

With the ease of producing your own Blogs and Tweets and Posts and Videos,  there is little reason not to have some fun and show off some of your "Personal Brand." Tell it like it is and you will find that people will respect your openness.

Check out the below "pitch" for creative designer Dave Berzack called “Killa Appz”- it is fun, funny, and rocks through every issue that a good digital developer needs to own...

Sing along with the chorus that sells:
All I wanna do
Is write a plan and architect
Implement the project
And make you money

My own most recent video was for Ogilvy's "World's Greatest Salesperson" contest/stunt... I had some fun with it and prompted the world's greatest conversations.

Your goal is the same as any Brand... inform in an interesting (and entertaining) way...

Watch how Canon get their content across in this clever comparison with the new Barbie Video Girl

Canon 7D vs. Barbie Video Girl from Brandon Bloch on Vimeo.

Give it a go... Be you.