Infographic Mania

A picture is worth a thousand words - a good infographic is a novel! If it is animated... it'll make you thirsty (see below).

Telling your story with pictures has been popular since cave wall painting (here is my previous post on images that communicate better than words). The point is to get good at this so you can tell the right stories faster and simpler... while influencing (and entertaining) more people. The above image is a simple demonstration of SMS texting as the most ubiquitous platform for Mobile Marketing.

Killer Infographics has a nice updated gallery by category. Remember that good data makes good insight makes good imagery - Kissmetrics is our favorite data assessor.

Budweiser used our Poll2Screen Widget in sports bars around Dublin to engage soccer (football) fans - so they stick around for another pint or two, of course (never forget the marketing goal!). Watch :25 seconds into this below video to see the animated infographics used on the live poll results on the TV screens... I promise it will successfully make you thirsty (for Bud or any brew)!

Here is the screen shot I am referring to:

Two of our latest favorite infographics:

Penn Olsen provides wonderful infographics that are helpful and sometimes charming. Like this one for the steps for setting up your Social Media (click it to enlarge ... print ... and post it in your lunch room)

Since we are Mobile Marketing fans, here is one to prompt discussion (go ahead and also check out our POV on Mobile Marketing)

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 By Mobile Tagging from Microsoft Tag
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Now go make (more than) pretty pictures!