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What’s on your To-Do List? 
. . . Probably boosting your profile and sales.

We provide outsourced marketing and sales solutions usually starting with project management for your To-Do List. Our purpose is to bring you innovative solutions that will earn their place as your new best practices. 

We do the hard stuff to unburden you and your team. To accomplish this, we have a roster of trusted partners to accomplish any Integrated Marketing goal.  Our clients appreciate us for helping their teams and agencies develop and manage projects that actually sell stuff and position them for future sales.

Because big opportunities pop up everywhere, the new reality for business efficiency and results is hiring reliable, cross-media professionals with the experience to deliver on your goals while uncovering opportunities that match your company strategy.

Change is a constant that can border on chaos. We help you see through the “bright shiny new tech media promises” and take advantage of real opportunities that are relevant for your particular needs.

Allow us to help clarify your Strategic Sweet Spot. This is where your company meets customers’ needs in a way that rivals can’t...

Client Case Studies

Here are a few of our client examples that demonstrate Creative Business Development in action - on the Web, at live events, and with real-time Social Media and Mobile Marketing:

- Customer controlled Social Media - Kodak was looking for innovative ways to engage prospects and customers. Their huge billboard in Times Square was an ideal promotional environment to allow people to share their Kodak Moments with a twist (of their mobile phones). We are also working with their Agencies Ogilvy and Deutsch to leverage a creative technology solution from Aerva's Content Management System.  Go here to see more about what Kodak is doing right now on Broadway and beyond.

- Using the right media to tell the right story - Enernoc, as the fastest growing energy company in the world, has a complicated story to tell. We connected them with the right marketing communications firm with industry experience,  Captains of Industry, to create media that educates and inspires clients and prospects on their site and in the Customer Demo Room at their headquarters in Boston. Check out the videos here.

Convincing an entire Community - Sun Microsystems/Oracle wanted their new "Startup Essentials" program to engage all of the Web  ecosystem (startups, services, investors, media, sponsors, etc) because they really don't want to miss the next Google! We increased market awareness 400% (5% to 20%) through a multimedia campaign from strategy to deployment. With ongoing assessment and optimization, this included market analysis, media buying, search, and "Influencer" outreach with Social Media and event production. A key partner is Xconomy

- Communications with control - Nickelodeon wanted to interact with kids on their computers but were limited by regulations around messaging with minors. We delivered a COPPA compliant desktop application called the Launchpad that allowed for anonymous interaction between Nick, the kids, and their friends. Go here to download and learn more about this award-winning, innovative communications project.

We would love to have a conversation about your Business Development goals.


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Some previous speaking engagements

- Boston World Partnerships - Crowd Source - Tribe Source
- Podcamp Boston 4 - What is "City 2.0?"
- Social Media Bootcamp Conference - For Corporations
- Guest Speaker Baruch MBA program - Standing on the Horizon
- Social Networking for your Business - Moderator on NSTC panel
- Sun Microsystem's Web Industry - Presentation at MIT
- Canadian Consulate - Building Business Across Borders
- Podcamp/VON Video on the Net - Sustainable Business Models
- Social Media Breakfast - Income Ideas (Advertising and Beyond)
- Web Innovators Group Dinner - Widgets for marketing

Clients include Startups, Midsize organizations, and a some great brands like:

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