Marketer's Courtesy Call from the AI Robots


Calling all my fellow B2B 
Sales & Marketing 

AI is providing valuable efficiencies but also challenges to business flows and new opportunities for ownership and distribution.  Decades old competition  and other fatal flaws have been exposed with AI.

Marketers are just getting a handle on how AI is used for the curation as much as creation.

Do you agree with these priorities?:

Obsession with automation to stem declining profits and high workloads,  downsizings, the need to shift agency culture towards performance over solely winning new business, re-building realistic relationships by working in partnership with clients for mutual success (and having the guts to openly measure workloads for fee-setting).

... If Yes, then the robots are your friends!

Chatti Says: Choose the below headline that grabs you the most:

A. Sales Engagement Now ONLY means Customer Success

B. Stop Guessing - Use Data or Get Crushed By Smarter Competitors

C. Ditch the 'Launch and Leave' Mentality - Continuous Innovation Is Not Optional

D. Can You Keep up with the Velocity of Buying Decisions?

E. Personalization or Perish: Why Generalized Spam No Longer Cuts It

F. Testing and Iterating Aren't Buzzwords - They're Table Stakes 

G. The ROI Betrayal: Why Outdated Marketing Ops = Revenue Leakage

H. Reset that Old Org Chart - We are all Cross-Functional 

There are harsh consequences of inaction ... But since you are making changes ... Never mind.


... Because adaptability is an ongoing method...  not just defensive know-it-all selfish myopic moments. (Too harsh?)

AI is a gift and the robots are our friends.

But... These shattering shifts present new models and methods for how companies in their communication resources must structure and run seamless sales and marketing functions.

Remember, both your buyers and competitors are getting the same benefits from AI as you are.

As a B2B Sales Advisor, I've witnessed firsthand how dramatically the buying landscape is evolving. Gone are the days of relying on impersonal spray and pray campaigns... Much-too-patient nurturing of  creative... Radical redefinition of in-person engagement ... etcetcetc!

We have to change the foundation of our beliefs - our operating system - to  navigate a complex blend of digital and physical touchpoints. Now with even more stakeholders involved than ever before (ubiquitous interconnectivity has wreaked havoc on decision-making).

Your sales and marketing capabilities must align with key industry trends like: 

  • Rapidly testing and iterating based on real-time feedback
  • Running "always-on" perpetual campaigns versus rigid time-bound efforts
  • Personalizing strategies to individual behaviors and preferences
  • Evolving marketing's role to directly owning revenue via e-commerce and self-service

But ...

Realizing this potential demands radical changes to our conventional operating models and mindsets. 

We must organize in multidisciplinary teams combining business, creative and technical expertise into accountable cross-functional squads. Specialist resources need to be embedded where value is created, not siloed away. 

Insourcing core capabilities like dynamic content, data governance and martech management will be critical. So too will redefining the global/local equation and integrating IT resources directly into marketing to enable real agility.

Design for dynamic adaptability.

A pragmatic, needs-based approach to martech, data utilization and emerging technologies like generative AI requires discussion as we iterate our way out of previous marketing models.

The old rulebook is closed.
Who are you writing yours with? 

One of the several industry groups that I share and learn with is the AI Marketing Guild...

Marketers Join AIMG:

Executive join GAI nsights:

Another resource (that inspired this post) is the profound yet practical blueprint for transforming our "Marketing Engines" to thrive in this new reality. Check out their presentation at: 


This opportunity is profound for those willing to adapt. Those clinging to and rationalizing outdated operating models will be left behind. 

You will not be replaced by AI robots... You will be replaced by competitors that know how to dance with them.

I hope you want to pursue this conversation!

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