Learn & Earn LinkedIn Love

With almost 1 billion users on LinkedIn, 65 million are actual decision makers.

Your presence is important.

Don't think that people aren't going to look you up. They expect to find you, your company, and your project.

Remember that Linkedin, Social Networks, and all your content are BOTH for one-on-one interactions with specific targets AND as "Inbound" to be found by relevant prospects.

Re-Align your:

MINDSET - Transition from lead gen to demand gen. Because social networks are awareness channels, not intent channels, the optimal goal is to CREATE DEMAND.

STRATEGY - Because 99.6% of people never click away from LinkedIn, focus on telling your story IN THE FEED instead of on a landing page. Tell business stories that inform, intrigue, and inspire ... while driving business outcomes. When you disclose you differentiate.

This doesn't have to be proprietary info to be valuable. Simply share your POV on industry shifts and opportunities like the leader that you are.

METRICS - Add new ways to measure these programs because previous analytics criteria and attribution software will not properly track the effectiveness. Design your content to inspire participation and sharing. Sales attribution from community conversation is different.

EXECUTION - in social, you need to be constantly earning trust with your POV by producing & distributing your leadership with new content and stories that your prospects can share "down their halls."

You'll need new processes - new talent, new systems, and less red tape to give your team the freedom to be creative & find new ways to connect with customers.

Here are 18 tactics to optimize your LinkedIn posting strategy:
  • Your #1 goal is to add value to your audience while fostering meaningful interactions. 
  • Your OTHER #1 goal is to use these tactics to convince the LinkedIn algorithm that you deserve more exposure and... LinkedIn Love.

(All this assumes that your LinkedIn Profile is complete and consistent)

Content Strategy & Engagement:

1. Confident Brand Storytelling: Develop a series of connected posts that tell your brand story with valuable insights and opinions.

2. Consistency & Frequency: Maintain a consistent posting schedule, increasing from weekly to daily as you see results.

3. Engaging Content: Address specific industry issues and share your "Spiky POV" - intriguing facts that you believe.

4. Visuals: Use eye-catching yet informative visuals, infographics (tips here), and videos of you and your partners explaining all this.

5. Hashtags: Use relevant and trending hashtags to expand your post's reach.

6. Clear CTAs: Include clear Calls to Action in your posts, focusing on likes, comments, and shares.

7. Interact with Comments: Respond to comments on your posts to foster meaningful discussions.

8. Engage with Other Posts: Engage with other users' posts by leaving thoughtful comments for reciprocity.

Long-Form & Diverse Content:

9. Long-Form Content: Write articles and LinkedIn Newsletter to establish authority.

10. Tag Relevant Connections: Tag connections when appropriate to increase engagement.

11. Leverage LinkedIn Features: Experiment with features like polls, document attachments, and LinkedIn Live.

12. Cross-Linking for Influence: Include links to previous posts within new content for exploration.

Analytics & Networking:

13. Monitor Analytics: Track LinkedIn Analytics to adjust your content strategy.

14. Active Engagement: Interact with your network by liking, commenting, and sharing relevant content.

15. LinkedIn Stories: Share behind-the-scenes moments to connect personally.

16. Strategic Networking: Connect with professionals in your field and host live Q&A sessions or polls.

Community Value:

17. Authentic interactions: Encourage conversations rather than just asking for engagement. Your community can start with a small group Think Tank to support each other and discover industry solutions.

18. It's acceptable to ask partners, friends, or colleagues to engage with your posts, but the algorithm values true interest. Be rewarded by adding real value and sparking authentic interactions.

Call me to talk thru your options... And create a video interview for you to share.


David Cutler

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