AI Prompting Direct From the Robot Horse's Mouth

Prompt prompting from Chatti himself:

"While you can't directly save or reuse the structure of this prompt session within the ChatGPT app, you can certainly use the principles and techniques we've employed in this session to structure future interactions with the model. Here's a breakdown of the process you can follow:

1. **Start with a Clear Goal**: Begin your conversation with a specific goal or topic in mind. This helps in guiding the conversation towards your desired outcome.

2. **Provide Clear Instructions**: Clearly outline your preferences and expectations for the conversation. Specify the tone, style, and information you'd like to receive.

3. **Iterate and Refine**: Don't hesitate to iterate and refine your requests based on the model's responses. If you feel there's repetition or you want more specific information, provide feedback and ask for adjustments.

4. **Use Concise Prompts**: Make your prompts concise and to the point. This helps in getting focused and relevant responses.

5. **Ask for Summaries**: When dealing with lengthy information, ask the model to provide a summary or concise version to ensure clarity.

6. **Engage Collaboratively**: Treat the conversation as a collaborative effort. Feel free to ask follow-up questions and provide additional context as needed.

7. **Craft Attention-Grabbing Titles**: If you're looking for a title or headline, consider using punchy and concise language to grab the reader's attention while summarizing the content's essence.

Remember that you are curating and creating.

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