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Outline of section links: 0:49 Introduction: Steve Wozniak Introduces Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin 1:30 Talk begins: The Rubber band effect 3:16 Preface: What does responsible rollout look like? 4:03 Oppenheimer Manhattan project analogy 4:49 Survey results on the probability of human extinction 3 Rules of Technology 5:36 1. New tech, A New Class of Responsibilities 6:42 2. If a Tech confers power, it starts race 6:47 3. If you don't coordinate, the race ends in tragedy First contact with AI: 'Curation AI' and the Engagement Monster 7:02 First contact moment with curation AI: Unintended consequences 8:22 Second contact with creation AI 8:50 The Engagement Monster: Social media and the race to the bottom Second contact with AI: 'Creation AI' 11:23 Entanglement of AI with society 12:48 Not here to talk about the AGI apocalypse 14:13 Understanding the exponential improvement of AI and Machine Learning 15:13 Impact of Language models on AI Gollem-class AIs 17:09 GLLMM: Generative Large Language Multi-Modal Model (Gollem AIs) 18:12 Multiple Examples: Models demonstrating complex understanding of the world 22:54 Security vulnerability exploits using current AI models, and identity verification concerns 27:34 Total decoding and synthesizing of reality: 2024 will be the last human election Emergent Capabilities of GLLMMs: 29:55 Sudden breakthroughs in multiple fields and theory of mind 33:03 Potential shortcoming of current alignment methods against a sufficiently advanced AI 34:50 Gollem-class AI can make themselves stronger AI can feed itself 37:53 Nukes don't make stronger nukes: AI makes stronger AI 38:40 Exponentials are difficult to understand 39:58 AI is beating tests as fast as they are made Race to deploy AI 42:01 Potential harms of 2nd contact AI 43:50 AlphaPersuade 44:51 Race to intimacy 46:03 At least we're slowly deploying Gollems to the public to test it safely? 47:07 But we would never actively put this in front of our children? 49:30 But at least there are lots of safety researchers? 50:23 At least the smartest AI safety people think there's a way to do it safely? 51:21 Pause, take a breath How do we choose the future we want? 51:43 Challenge of talking about AI 52:45 We can still choose the future we want 53:51 Success moments against existential challenges 56:18 Don't onboard humanity onto the plane without democratic dialogue 58:40 We can selectively slow down the public deployment of GLLMM AIs 59:10 Presume public deployments are unsafe 59:48 But won't we just lose to China? How do we close the gap? 1:02:28 What else can we do to close the gap between what is happening and what needs to happen? 1:03:30 Even bigger AI developments are coming. And faster. 1:03:54 Let's not make the same mistake we made with social media 1:03:54 Recap and Call to action