Planning Partnership Power

Ideas for AI in Partnerships include:

  1. Integration of public and private data models: AI can access public data models and combine them with company-specific data from ERP, CRM, CDP, and more, resulting in more powerful applications.

  2. AI can be used to respond to emails, follow up on leads, close support cases, and even create knowledge articles, making sales and support agents more efficient.

  3. Data analysis and marketing: Data analysts can use AI to derive insights from data, create targeted audiences for marketing campaigns, and even execute those campaigns.

  4. AI-generated content: AI can be used to create landing pages, write ad copy, and generate banner images for marketing campaigns.

  5. AI-assisted collaboration: Platforms like Partner Insight's AI Co-pilot enable streamlined communication and collaboration with partners, e.g. through AI-assisted Q&A exchanges

Now let's talk about your partnership plans.

Strategy & Actions