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The Internet has given the business of Sales both challenges and opportunities to evolve. With Web3 technologies like AI and Blockchain, the shifts of promises and processes are as powerful as ever. I will present ideas where marketing machines intersect with human engagement... and how our choices for optimization define our humanity.

Imagination in Action – Web3 Summit – Exploring the Internet’s new frontier 
Web3, underpinned by blockchain technology and a decentralized ethos, represents a new frontier for innovation.  While news about the metaverse and cryptocurrencies have penetrated mainstream media, society remains in the early days of a new era, trying to discern hype from reality.  This summit aims to explore how Web3 may shape society and seeks to explore what drives the economy and how innovators are building the future.  The Web3 Summit features leading engineers and entrepreneurs making a global impact and designing the future of the Internet.  MIT is a strategic location for this event with about 50% of our imaginators affiliated to the Institute through their studies, research, and professional endeavors.     

IMAGINATOR: [ih-maj-uh-ney-ter] in this new Wild West, an innovator who combines a creative approach to problem solving and whose grit and bias for action transforms ideas into action. 

June 30 is organized into 3 moments throughout the day to take us from reflections on the last major social and economic transformation precipitated by the arrival of the Internet era to the economics to build and sustain Web3, and conclude with pioneers and visionaries who probe the possibilities of the Web3 future. 
  • Intersection of IRL and Internet - How life in the metaverse will evolve, and how governance will accompany that change.  Exploration of how ownership, community, government, and trust will change.  How will institutions embrace Web3 to shape this evolution?
  • Web3 Foundations - What drives the Web3 economy and attracts investment.  What are the metrics to assess new opportunities, what do we learn from project failures, what is the tipping point for the public to embrace Web3 economics?  
  • Web3 Pioneers - What building blocks make Web3 innovations possible and who is pioneering the way.  Explore the infrastructure that catalyzes Web3’s deployment.  What insights have the new pioneers staked their startups upon?  


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