Women’s Sports are the Future of Sports – Summit Style

Here are highlights from The Sport Innovation Lab’s initiative around Women’s Sports called The Fan Project. Watch it all https://www.thefanproject.co/summit


  • Content is King but Context is Queen.
  • The growth of women’s sports will be $200 Billion. Monetize Intention!
  • Better fan engagement technologies are being invented… lean in to design your future.

The smartest Brands empower their audience to take control, participate, be heard, and effect change. 

The two ways to keep up with and accommodate these “Fluid Fans with full lives” is first to have a "Kick Glass" attitude of performance and progress, the second is to harness the right technologies.

Blockchain NFTs are that technology that can help you keep up and stay ahead.

NuArca Labs has a platform to help Sports Teams (and all "Talent" like musicians, artists,etc) take advantage of all of these shifts around sponsorships and fan engagement!
Another reoccurring topic in the Summit was the importance of managing direct conversations between Fans and Talent... removing gatekeepers and middlemen. Authentic fan engagement is more direct and more efficient, increasing trust and participation.

First comes data. Then comes change.

Data is key to building management’s support for new ways to engage fans so they are invited deeper into the player’s lives before, during, and after the games and the season. Extending interaction builds more value and more participation which strengthens and expands the entire community.

Yes Sponsors want customer conversions but are learning that quality is far more valuable than quantity. Counting the audience is the old way... engaging and inspiring is the new way that sports is aligning real conversation.

“Merchandise as a service” acknowledges the pride of being part of all the stories of all the fans. The smart stuff will provide utility, like athlete managed mobile apps that foster health and wellness.

Provide a Place and Space that Welcomes Everyone

With smarter data management, individual expectations and experiences can be accommodated

  • Some want sports first with stats
  • Some deeply care about the people on and beyond the playing field
  • Some want to learn about the physical and emotional complexities that never end

American Football has been described as “Full Contact Chess." ... which explains why betting is so big.

Technology (used wisely) is the enabler ...

NFT Collectible buying and trading Is a growing form of participation. But this is just one exciting application for blockchain..
NFT Tickets will provide more equitable pricing while delivering dynamic value in many new ways: multimedia artistry, fans engaging with fans, gamified activities to unlock VIP access (in real life and in virtual worlds), and many other ways we have yet to invent with superior building blocks that provide complete transparency WITH anonymous tracking,


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