Hungry? Let's Lunchclub

Have I invited you to Lunchclub yet?

If not - So sorry... See my invite below.

Why? Because I have had very interesting conversation that added value to my perspective on my personal and professional life. And I have made business arrangements and actual deals with several new connections.

Lunchclub is one of the best ways to leverage and test AI for matching you to relevant people to your specific needs. And that is the secret.. you must fill out your profile accurately... and then rate all interactions with true self awareness... You got to work the system ... THEN the system will get better and your Lunchclub conversations will get better.

Here is my official invitation to you:

LunchClub is a free platform to have conversations with people relevant to both your agendas using nifty AI technology! You can unlock access and features with my code -

I am a fan of their mission and their moves to get there. In addition to the direct value, they have designed an easy user experience for inviting,  setting up, and having video meetings. Their system  uses always available prompts that encourage the necessary custom tweaking. I also get to research interesting data about activities throughout the network I am building.

My Stats (to help you grow yours):

Based on your efforts, and the activities of your network, you will see lots of custom data in your profile.

I have had over 100 meetings - that's 2 or so a week for the last year. 239 of them have joined Lunchclub. I caused 1161 meetings and 2320 new connections.


You will be notified about activities "down the line" of who connects to the connectors that connect!

The below screenshots of my personal "org chart" Is a dynamic representation of my network. Each person can invite their peeps and earn their place as hubs. Each is a link to Linkedin... so I can easily reach out to my contacts such as Jeanett Palmer, Partner at Nail Communications, and clarify her exceptional sharing techniques and influence...

You will notice several patterns that disclose and/or confirm people that you should want to follow up with...

The message here is to find a system that allows you to help others while building your capabilities to help both you and your network. Let's Lunch!

Yeah, I am the #1 Superinviter in Boston...

I would love to discuss your thought over some Za or a Zoom.

Hey Vlad, can we talk about the easiest, safest, and most valuable way to transfer every connection into an NFT that increase Lunchclub's, and every user's, ownership and distribution of their network activities?


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