Your 15 "Ps" to Profit ...Plus Web3

Above is your simplest FLYWHEEL for business success by focusing your Products on Customer Success... This is your Path to Profit.

New technologies and techniques are increasing the effectiveness of these classic “12 Ps” ...
  1. Products: Priority Projects
  2. Packages: Focused and aligned messaging
  3. Process: Steps for each of the Priorities 
  4. Prospect: Goals and alternatives
  5. Promise: Pitch - Conversation - User Experiences
  6. Position: Differentiate versus alternatives and Competitive Analysis
  7. Platform Performance: Automated business flows
  8. People: Customer Success between tech systems and human services
  9. Place: Presence across multimedia customer journeys
  10. Promotion: Exposure testing to optimize conversations
  11. Partners: Cooperative ecosystem of resellers and referrals 
  12. Price: Models and Method... regularly evolving

Now let's apply this to the value of the new mindset and methods of Web3...

Artificial Intelligence is accelerating business flows and new models that will change HOW we all do business... and with WHO. Your responsibility is to dig in to test and deploy (because your smartest competitors are).

The first major benefit has been more efficient multimedia Production (13th "P"). Your assets are now flowing faster.


...You need to manage all your existing and new assets across our increasingly connected world. Remember that Web3 is also leveraging Blockchain ... so your assets are refreshed with dynamic value, information, and opportunities by you AND your ecosystem. They are like an international Passports (14th "P").


But don't get distracted by "NFTs" because they were given a bad name by uncommon crooks and common investor madness ... let's accept the true value they represent... TOKENIZATION OF EVERYTHING.

You know this is happening.

Your digital assets (images, media, reports, presentations, services, everything!) are being digitally tagged for tracking and programmed super-powers:

- Dynamically updating info, alerts, deals, etc. that are constantly optimizing from user activities, buying/selling, comments, shares, votes, co-ownership, etc.

- Tagged with Programmable (14th "P") SMART CONTRACTS that automate qualified customers, partners, and fans who love to love you.

Your Potential?

You enable automated direct connections that are more relevant and reliable.

You realize the full potential of transactions without the usual management and approval hassles that would prevent the cost-effectiveness of business models.

Less red tape... Less limitations... Less lawyers!

This is what the term Decentralization means... no need for wasteful middlemen or (now) unnecessary process and approval roadblocks. Customers are connected directly to what they want and opportunities for more participation and sharing... for easier participation and sharing ... repeat.

The key is a systemic approach to using secure token-tagging tech to enable your community members to fund their visions and retain creative control with maximized royalty ownership... AND safe, secure, government compliance of course.

We are using "NFT" Management Platforms like to handle the onboarding and fulfillment of most of all this.

The Key "P"

These new "transactions" can be more than just monetary. Your ecosystem can also appreciate value from getting access to more information and opportunities - leveling up, more membership services, meet a VIP live or in an exclusive Zoom session... etc. etc. etc.

The value is in your community Participation (that "P" is so obvious for your success, we aren't even going to count it).

Adding all this to that simple flywheel delivers better ways to fulfill our mission for Customer Success.

More about Go-To-Market Planning with Web3 at:


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