In Summary - Path to Profit


Above is our simplest "flywheel" for business success. 

Below... it gets a little more complicated.

Let's check your Path to Profit using these (yes) “12 Ps” ...
  1. Products… Priority Projects
  2. Packages... Focused and aligned messaging
  3. Process … Steps for each of the Priorities 
  4. Prospect ... Goals and alternatives
  5. Promise ... Pitch... Conversation... User Experience ...  
  6. Position ... Differentiate versus alternatives…  Competitive Analysis
  7. Platform Performance … Automated
  8. People ... Customer Service and systems for Customer Success
  9. Place ... Presence ... Omnichannel Journeys for each of the Priorities
  10. Promotion … Exposure options… Test creative conversations
  11. Partners ... Ecosystem... Channel Resellers ... Referrals 
  12. Price ... Models and Method

Key to Creative Business Development:

The product is your marketing 

Product development = marcom budget

Track KPIs that actually match buyer journey

- ROI by channel

- Deeper account-based marketing metrics

- ROI by content influence

- Lifetime Value of a customer (LTV)

- Customer acquisition cost (CAC)

- Closed-won deal analysis

Obsess on Customer Success

Demonstrate Insights with Testimonials 

Deliver Data Gems

Disclose to differentiate

Revenue Models - to test, combine and align:
For example, these focus on hybrid events...
  1. Live access fees

  2. Freemium content

  3. On-demand fees

  4. Sponsored Promo/Ads

  5. Micro-Payments of Micro-Events

  6. Profit from Participation Gamification

  7. Membership Subscriptions

  8. Paywalls

  9. VIP access

  10. Movement Crowdfunding and Donations  

  11. Persona Packages

  12. Course Curriculum

  13. Revenue-sharing Products/Services

  14. Channel Partner management

  15. Lead fees


  1. Dynamic royalty-distributed NFT smart contracts

based on value from ratings and market activity

That's it. Easy!

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