Matching Ideal Clients = Ideal Relationship Profiles (IRP)

Success comes from knowing and focusing on your Ideal Customer Profile - ICP.

We should have the same criteria between clients and vendor partners. Let's call it IRP... Ideal Relationship Profile.

For your Ideal Relationship Profile:

Do they have the problems that you solve?
Do you share a similar process for solving problems?
Do you have similar motivation and values?

3 Filters:

1) Must have - Demographics:
  • Verticals
  • size
  • location
  • etc.

2) Nice To Have - Needs:
  • Do they have needs that you know you can help with because you've seen them before?
  • What are some of the challenges as far as their people go?
  • Are industry shifts creating gaps that you can fill?

3) Ideal to have - Behaviors:
  • Do you share beliefs and values?
  • Are they investing in their community?
  • Do they believe that if everyone gets better then everyone wins?

As you assess this criteria, remember that you can only help people that want to be helped. They should be willing AND HAVE THE AUTHORITY to take the necessary actions... and be hungry to make changes. 

Since you agree with and understand this ideal mindset, you can speak in their language. You can demonstrate in your own marketing how you fulfill on similar goals. You have solutions to related issues. You have mutual goals and even specific causes or missions. 

The message:
We really get each other, let's work together!



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