Enterprise Blockchain Explained


Brought to you by the Boston Blockchain Association 
Since 2018, the BBA has been focused on the three pillars of our mission statement:
  1. To advance blockchain technologies, both locally and globally
  2. To establish Massachusetts as a global hub for blockchain technology
  3. To support and connect blockchain professionals with useful resources

Today …  Blockchain is being deployed in 2 primary markets: 

> Cryptocurrency - Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi, NFTs, etc.

> Enterprise Blockchain re-development of core systems for interoperable data flow, supply-chain transparency, immutable, etc.  

Tomorrow ... there will be new success stories stemming from safe, fast, efficient Decentralized Ledger Technologies.

This is the BBA focus, helping all of us to learn, share, participate and master.

The BBA network includes corporations, employees, developers, technologists, startups, investors, and venture capital firms. We have grown to nearly 2,000 individual members, 7 corporate members, and two government sponsors. Massachusetts is maintaining its reputation as a global tech hub as we inform and connect our community of blockchain companies (Algorand, Circle), education (MIT, Harvard), finance (Fidelity, Boston Federal Reserve, BankProv), and business services (Deloitte and others... like you).

... Blockchain is designed for all of us!

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