Referral Thinking = AI Actions & Reactions

Referral Thinking = Actions & Reactions
Align with their network. 
Make THEIR business your business.

1) Take Action - you are a referral-based business … Earn it 

  • Take the lead! Inspire reciprocity by making referrals for them.

Leveraging AI can help you identify potential referral opportunities for intelligent matchmaking within and adjacent to your network. AI can analyze data to pinpoint more relevant matches. It can discover patterns for more compatible collaboration and opportunities. Potential partners can be automatically qualified based on past interactions, industry trends, and shared objectives.

2) Ask - Be specific - The right stories at the right time

  • After something good you did (“who else would appreciate this?”)

  • After something good they did (connect to their story and amplify it)

AI can play a pivotal role in strategic storytelling. By analyzing patterns and behaviors, it can identify the the right context at the right time. 

3) Feed Them - Help them do THEIR job by promoting any results

  • Analyze and reveal new helpful industry insights and data gems

  • Deliver multimedia assets with “handles” for easy participation 

  • Written so they can easily share and take credit for pride and profit!

AI can help in the creation of multimedia assets that make it easy for your clients to share and take credit for successful referrals. By analyzing industry data, AI can generate insightful reports and visually appealing assets that not only showcase results but also provide your clients with the tools they need to actively participate in the referral process. Use Canva for creating visually appealing assets and Tableau for data visualization that can be easily shared.


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