PR Spinning


#1 if you got them ... Testimonials.

People buy from people
Customer Success is your best marketing content.... So is your customer's experience with your people and processes. You sell to customers and sell through customers. Your sales process doesn’t end once they become a customer. It continues throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Ask your customers about their promotional agenda... Then amplify your relationship FOR THEM

Articulate the “big idea” for changing the status quo.  changing the way the industry does XYZ1'

Don't shy away from getting deep...

leverage an emotional connection while communicating big ideas and build meaningful differentiation.

Incorporate the human element, are timely and relevant to your B2B buyer. They are far more effective, emotionally moving, have the context of honesty to bring new clients to the table. It makes them want to share your story 
Lead with our leader
Your vision will separate you from the pack.
Journalists (pundits, influencers, etc} want to hear directly from the founders. What problems are they solving? What unique opinions do they have about the market?
List of all the journalists that have written about your competitors. Read those articles. How can your founder add value to these conversations? Where should you be contributing thought leadership? What are the most interesting perspectives you can offer to those audiences?

Help “trusted” influencers

Harness credibility and reach offered by analysts, bloggers, users, and deep niches of "experts."

It's not about getting the B2B influencer with the biggest audience but finding those who are most relevant to and trusted by EACH target audience. HELP THEM build thought leadership, share insights AND increase THEIR awareness.

Create all formats of content for them and with them. It takes a combination of earned media through your ongoing PR program, guest blogging or contributed articles, and paid media to influence the influencer.
Deliver a series of video  content that they can share with their audience.

SEO targeted words to leverage in bylines, articles, sales pitching efforts.... Push for MUTUAL backlinking 
Sincerity is rarely broadcasted. The more focused your communication, the more relevant AND SHAREABLE it will be.