We Are Only Relevant Together

We are gathering and promoting speakers, thinkers, and promoters to help build their businesses AND our entire economy. 

You are a "Speaker"... Your POV is needed and welcome!

The dedicated folks at EventAdvisor.com have built your solution...

"Only Relevant .Online"
(now in Beta)
Matching Only Relevant speakers 
with Only Relevant audiences
and Only Relevant topics
  • For Speakers, Experts, Thinkers or any Professionals who want to share their knowledge with a bigger and Only Relevant audience.
  • Get paid thru a shared fee across an interested and participating community.
  • Use ongoing interactive audience “Dialogue Tools” to make your presentations Only Relevant.
  • Unlike being lost in Google searches or incomplete speaking services. 
Speaker presentations become more valuable and Only Relevant through our "dialogue tools" for two-way discussions and iterations WITH the audience. 

The result is a more applicable event - before, during, and after the session.

The audience influences Only Relevant content as they participate and promote topics that demonstrate their individual goals and brand. This ongoing participation will re-define the best content in any number of breakout narrower vertical conversations and communities. 

The riches (commerce and content) are in the niches!

Fees to the Speaker will be crowd-sourced by the audience. (we share only a fair percentage of this incremental income). So, if a Speaker deserves $500 for their updated and more customized presentation... That could be 5 attendees for $100 each... or it could be 500 at $1 each.
  • Everyone has incentive to promote speakers so their fee gets spread across a like-minded and Only Relevant community.
  • Everyone has incentive to participate to get Only Relevant content for themselves and their associates .... AND to promote their participation for their personal brand.
See more about how the Conference Industry is evolving with New Models and New Methods in this recent post for our partners.

See the OnlyRelevant overview deck.

I am using Only Relevant to get ongoing feedback so my presentations are more significant to each audience member. Check out my next event on my BETA Profile Page.

Here is a representation of the issues in discussions leading up to my favorite topic - Sales Strategy and Tactics:
We Are Only Relevant Together.

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