Business Not as Usual

The content and activities around Conferences have always been a catalyst for success. Industries and entire economies rely on them. But the walls are down … some forever. 

This is a post about what we can do about it - together.
New methods require new business models with new paths to profit. shares a way forward below...

As we all need new definitions of success, we must test and discover hybrid blends of online/offline solutions for:  
  • Relationships
  • Learning / Sharing
  • Promotions / Sales / Buying
We should collaborate and agree on:
  • New Methods and New Best Practices  
  • New Business Models with multiple compensation options for everything
Including a unified industry voice:
  • To share what works best next
  • With dynamic value and recommendations from real peer-ratings
Resulting in the inevitable flow to the best path:
  • Redistribution of Attendee’s budgets for THEIR most relevant experiences.
So... Business Not as Usual

Our Conference Industry deserves a unified community voice of truth to collaborate on the development of a new Marketplace Exchange between every category of content/service and across every vertical industry. provides this "unified community voice of truth." We use Artificial Intelligence algorithms to assess and aggregate actual ratings of events and content from real attendees - our peers... our customers... our community. 

Think of us as the Yelp! and TripAdvisor and of the Conference Industry.

Our Mission is Our Community: 

EventAdvisor is a collection of industry leaders serving and amplifying our collective voices. For the last year, we have been helping people discover the best PEER-RATED events and content with over 350k online/offline conferences in our searchable database.  

3 promises to all Attendees:
1) Find and Book Better Events
2) Matching Your Profile
3) Rated By Your Peers

Our system harnesses the latest technologies to accumulate the sentiment and recommendations from actual Attendee's Social Media comments and other data. We share real quality ratings of events, speakers, and, as the Community requests, all the new gathering and content methods and options for new business models.

These unbiased ratings provide network-effect value from participation within and across each industry, and therefore, the global economy. Together we are that important.

Event Organizers helped us design our process to promote events and grow their audience. They agree that we should be compensated for maintaining our systems with a 20% revenue share of new event registrations. 

Search for the Best Events at

Our other service is a business intelligence consultancy, EA Insights

We use our data to provide real market issues and opportunities around our clients agendas and options. We also include the markets reactions to any combination of new models/new methods in our rating algorithms... of course.

For the Industry, By the Industry

- Attendees' comments and hashtags help their community while building their own reputations AND returning the impartial info they need and deserve.

- Organizers get more of the right Attendees and guidance about how to optimize and increase the predictive quality-ratings of their products and services. 

- Speakers find a bigger audience of only interested Attendees as we match profiles, needs, and ratings.

These same benefits include all conference participants ... Speakers Next!

Show Me The Money (Options)!

New methods require new business models... and the new paths to profit.

Our insights encourage testing and offering the best new combinations of compensation and value, such as: 
  1. direct sales
  2. fees for live content
  3. on-demand
  4. freemium content
  5. micro-payments
  6. leadgen fees
  7. paywalls
  8. sponsored promotions
  9. advertising
  10. VIP access
  11. subscriptions
  12. research
  13. consulting
  14. crowdfunding
  15. donations
  16. profit from participation
  17. dynamic royalty-distributed “smart contract” revenue-sharing!
Yes, that last one refers to the capabilities of Enterprise Blockchain... and how the decentralization of control provides a democracy around data so we can actually discover "The Possible.” Such as managing secure personal clouds for Attendees to share needs and get matched to peer-rated solutions in a Marketplace Exchange... Using the platform of our partner NuArca

New methods require new business models with new paths to profit.

Since the customer is always right as they share on their journeys, our rating system acknowledges community opinion, sentiment, and activity around all of these new methods and models. The Marketplace Exchange can listen and iterate to offer what the Attendees want AND need. 

We share, predict, and advise matches based on our data insights for their personal profile (X people want Y combination of services at Z timeframe). Remember, all services and products are rated by the community!

SO, as we all discover new ways ... like... interactive sponsored engagements in Virtual Reality headsets during any number of micro event topics, paying micro fees, and earning micro rewards! … An Event Advisor will be there.

Please join the conversation.

Your agenda should be included. Your mission is our mission:
  • How do you benefit from increasing the awareness of the database of online/offline Conferences? 
  • How can more Attendees (our customers) search for the best events? 
  • How can we get more Organizers to list their events AND use their ratings to learn and grow their business? 
Speaker Services & Ratings ... Then Sponsors 
... Then anything our community wants.
We call it "Only Relevant"

Be an Event Advisor.

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