Of all the isms... let's make Reputationism a philosophy we can be proud of.

Being good is, of course, good for business. But managing your brand across your constantly shifting internal and external ecosystem is difficult.

As everything gets connected, how are you choosing priorities?

This is big. A new and historically important change is the Business Roundtable's  Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation ... that shareholders are now part of a collective that also includes employees, suppliers, and customers (and not only bottom line at all costs).  

Scott Monty is (always) a reliable reference, as he provides Timeless Wisdom on his recent piece, "Why Businesses Need to Prepare for the Gathering Storm." It is a must read... and a must think. 

The Reputation Institute has been champions of corporations that strive for the best reputations. 

Their REPTRAK DIMENSIONS assess stakeholder and customer expectations across:

     1. Products / Services 
     2. Innovation 
     3. Workplace 
     4. Governance 
     5. Citizenship 
     6. Leadership 
     7. Financial Performance

Recent data shows companies that commit to the multiple dimensions of reputation rebound faster from disaster like the 2008 recession and the 2014+ mortgage mess.

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So, what does Reputation Institute suggest?

... This seemingly simple advice ... tell the world about your company as much as you tell/sell them about your products. Share how you are good ethical corporate citizens with an engaged workplace.

Your stories should be about how you are advancing the below 4 circled activities:

     - Positive influence on society
     - Fair in doing business
     - Ethical
     - Open and transparent
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