Of all the isms... let's make Reputationism a compulsion we can be proud of.

The Reputation Institute has been champions of corporations that have the best reputations ...and, of course, how. There should be no need to ask why. Being good is, of course, good for business. But managing your brand in this new "Reputation Economy" is complicated.

Watch their reveal of this year's top 10 companies 

Rolex is still #1. Netflix jumped the highest. Microsoft is back. Uber saved it's soul. Facebook is really lucky they own the market.

What you will learn is this seemingly simple advice ... tell the world about your company as much as you tell/sell them about your products. Share how you are good ethical corporate citizens with an engaged workplace. Easy... right.

Your stories should be about how you are supporting the below 4 circled activities ... They are: 
  • Positive influence on society
  • Fair in doing business
  • Ethical
  • Open and transparent
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