Innovating Towards Value at Each Step

The key to building products is customer success. Provide some level of value at each stp in development so you better understand them.  Learn by observing, asking, and collecting data. Then iterate functions towards your best customers. 

Focus on the critical functions of a Minimum Viable Product with Product / Market Fit

The below slide is an overview of the corporate innovation lab project I facilitated between my software development client and ABInBev's internal ZX-Ventures. This "Cross-Enterprise Ideation Engine" is an element of their promise for employee engagement. 

Listen to and engage your employees so they listen to and engage their customers.

As a Sales and Marketing Coach, I help people discover the best ways to help themselves and each other. By focusing on business development, strategy and progress can be optimized around a key goal.

FYI, here is an article with my POV on the 7 Proven Ways to Ring The Bell and Grow Value, Trust, Sales -


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