Black Math Is...

In a dubious attempt to summarize a Movement... 
This is Black Math:

- Autumnal Donut Volcano and Black Mai Tais
- Jeremy clarifies Bacon is not back ironically
- Best Dog's name = Louie Bruce
- Claire answers: "How many Heads of Production does it take to screw in a lightbulb?"
- Evan will challenge "selling out"
- GhostShrimp Dan agrees with this and (the real) you.

Existential Rant:
Dan (the Un-Tony Robbins (not "anti" anything except LA)) sez:
Do not let circumstances dictate your life
Figure yourself out... your personal style is your rare magic
Ignore peripheral distractions and expectations
The secret is not a secret... put in the work
Hustle. Again, talk about talking about "selling out"
Produce more to discover your thing. Be great at you.
The other secret: High Output... Low Overhead
Your Instincts are your compass
Results will be you. Connections will choose the real you
The status quo isn't
Sustainable Homesteading is a thing
Ghost Scout Training Camp is a thang

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