Digital Transformation = Operation Optimization

Listen here as eMarketer interviews top marketers about the challenges of Digital Transformation.

Here are my notes...

Summary: Have trusted nerds on speed-dial

Digital Transformation is your Digital Strategy for your
Business Transformation of Operations

Current mood of business leaders is "shock and awe."

Silos must flow around a consistent customer journey
Alchemy Experience - right time, place, content
Real retail experiences and learning - emotional connections
Are NEEDED in this digital world... but a human analog existence

Hard to keep up - New channels - IoT, Connected home,  Car, voice,
"Digital" is over... everything is Digital

Marketers must be:
Data Scientists
Social Butterflies
Economists (priorities that produce)

Evolving... so we do not know ... yet. So, "let's discover answers together"
Commit to share and learn together between client and vendor
Innovation from innovation of the truth and ONLY the true data
Accept that there is ROI from learning (and "failures")

Innovation funds to experiment (removed from brand P&L)
Support successes. (Remember cross-corp knowledge sharing)

Again, Summary: Have trusted nerds on speed-dial