AdAge IQ Martech Conference

Below are the hot points from yesterday’s AdAge IQ Conference for Marketing & Technology.  
This powerfully simple slide from Chiefmartec infographic-whisperer Scott Brinker says it all … technology is dictating our growth and pace. 

These are the 3 main topics from the stage and conversations with attendees:

1) Learn to adapt with tech by hiring a nerd. Partner with nerds. Revenge of the Nerds

2) There are 6.8 billion mobile phones. So there are 6.8 billion personalized versions of the Web. How are you making it easier for customers to include you?

3) The Marcom Tech “stack” is crazy-complicated (see Scott's "Supergraphic below). Agencies and partners must patiently help their marketing clients understand and communicate internally to get buy-in across their company.

Josh reminding us to adopt the new Marcom Tech language to inspire new creative thinking and data-driven actions.

Any conference that is starting to use the term “stack” is where I want to be…because this usually means there is conversation about integrating with the other levels of technologies (and my new favorite Agency partners!) between the business and customers. 

Julia Brady of The VIA Agency and I talked about our high expectations for events such AdAge IQ. Yes, we travel downtown and down from New England to network with connections, but, the same tech we are all talking about should be demonstrated and leveraged for OUR superior experiences before, during, and after the event. There are eager vendors that will deploy (literally) hands-on smartphone demos of live data providing insights and personalization for proximity-based meetings that match our personal profiles. Hey Nielsen...Data Demos!

These events can be a fun and functional “tech sandbox” allowing attendees to increase their value as curators of the most relevant content using presentations with multimedia links, research, and tools to share with internal teams and clients. 

Perhaps we should only go to industry events at tech-pimped venues like Cornell’s Tech Campus opening up this fall on Roosevelt Island. Check out some videos at the Consumer Electronic Show’s “C Space” for marketers.

Here are a few key slides from AdAge IQ:
(click to enlarge)
Nat sets the AdAge stage and our tech challenge

Spotify's Mayur says take your precision pit crew through these trecherous curves

Baker @TBWA doing the data dance...
BEFORE, during, and after campaigns

"The worst thing you can do is have the consumer feel your org chart" 
Jeriad Zoghby @AccentureSocial

The power-panel asks for patient support to question everything and get team buy-in.
Jenn tells vendors to prove it and get #s on the board
Anna says know (really know) your customers
Duane focuses on actions and conversions
Seona plans start to finish with her partners
Garrett  deftly navigated people and the QandA tech

Don't panic. Just start with focusing on the categories on Scott's supergraphic

Deep Antifragile Thinking

Industry engagement idea for Nielsen

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