Culture of Collaboration & Partnership in Action

(Here is an update on the launch of the North Shote Tech Coalition)

While attending another great North Shore Technology Council ( presentation yesterday, I was inspired by a conversation with Brian Gravel about how important partnerships and community are to discovering your way to success with clients.

Kendall Square, Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley, and more and more "Innovation Districts" and coworking communities around the world, have this culture of collaboration and partnership - a network of limitless resources and service providers that are compelled to help beyond their self-interest... make connections, fill needs, inspire, and instigate. 

These attributes are the at the core of the NSTC...They are in our nature.

Here is a recent article about the North Shore innovation movement with InnoNorth.

We are lucky to have this here in Boston's North Shore with the NSTC - a nonprofit business association with the mantra, "Come For The Networking, Stay For The Mission." All this is picking up with the convening of several organizations across with region through the North Shore Alliance. Very excited about these conversations! 

Individuals and all sizes of companies, that have ideas and needs, come 

to events and participate in our community for this entrepreneurial energy where innovation comes from applied invention. Yeah, kinda deep... let's discuss it over free coffee at the latest addition to our ecosystem of collaboration - the new Workbar in the Danvers Staples!

For details, data, and direction about earning multiple streams of income from your sideline (or fulltime) "gig economy" project, check out excerpts from the Solo Project  by the Knight Foundation.

An excellent example of NSTC's culture of collaboration is their new sponsor AND partner Gravoc. They hosted this event at their new offices and meeting space. The very serious subject about Security and CyberCrime was presented with fun and function by Nate Gravel. His advice in 3 points...

Gravoc has the right attitude and offerings. On a tour of their office, I learned that they solve business problems AND supports all the related tech systems to keep updated. This includes the hard stuff like CyberSecurity, eCommerce, and understanding their client (partner!) well enough to tell their best story and communicate across the evolving media of Web, Mobile, and events. As Dave Gravel says, they are "a 360 degree company."

Our community will be having many more events at their new presentation room right off 95/128. 

To participate in this culture of collaboration, join the NSTC mailing list ...

You are always Welcome.

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