Want Real Relationships? There is an App for that.

Here are notes from my recent presentation at the Mobile Marketing Association about brands being obsessed with advertising on Mobile and not building customer relationships on it. 

SUMMARY: Think beyond the media platforms. Use a mobile-device-responsive web site to reach the masses. Build a custom app experience to service your customers.

It's really easy to buy ads on Google, Facebook,Snap, Linkedin, Twitter, etc . You can even do it automatically with Programmatic services. You will effectively reach millions and target niche personas. This is good. But this is not true "engagement."

Understand the difference between USING digital media, Social, and marketing platforms... and BUILDING real tech solutions within your company operations, across departments (and their customer touchpoints), and integrations throughout industry ecosystems. These define your "Digital Transformation" journey for for more efficient/effective operations, new product development, and revenue growth.

So... Advertising and media promotions let you reach as many people as your budgets allow... 

But ... you are just renting relationships thru publishers and Social Networks.

HERE IS THE QUESTION - Do you want to have ongoing relationships with your customers that includes frequent interactions WHILE learning personal preferences that allow you to provide exponential value during AND in-between their purchases? 

Then... Deep-tech development at the code level is the best way to build better customized customer service methods (not dependent on the Social Network platforms) ... for real relationships thru frequent exponentially valuable interactions... optimizing at every touchpoint.

This includes custom mobile apps and all the other “connected devices” accessed during the user's day across multiple mesh networks...  From the Alexa Echo in the kitchen during breakfast - with the car or throughout the commute - entering locations - logging in at work - team collaborations - customer presentations - restaurants - shopping - back home - "hello Alexa, read me my final list that I accumulated today... What do I have to do tomorrow? And who is on Colbert tonight?"

Remember, you cannot provide this (now expected) level of customer service through a Responsive Website limited to their smartphone's browser. 

The result is a solution for real 2-way one-to-one loyal relationships integrated with any current corporate systems - marcom, commerce, supply chain, employee engagement, innovation labs!  

Now you can fulfill on the marketer's promise to listen and learn personal preferences ... and deliver ONLY relevant value with the right content at the right time and the right place.

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