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Here is a Summary:

Interview with Jim Fowler Chief Information Officer www.GE.com
Most Innovative http://www.fastcompany.com/company/general-electric

Final words first...

Know how your industry is being disrupted
Be a continuous learner
Focus on outcomes that matter (not tech, # of servers, apps, ERps, databases) - variable cost productivity, cash, inventory

GE is the leader of "The Industrial Internet"

$140B Revenue, 300k employees, 4k locations, 150 countries, plus outsourced 

Machines, Aircraft, Locomotive, Lighting, and Healthcare

He is focusing on:

Business Plan Reviews
Top line growth
Products - becoming more software defined
Trains are rolling data centers. A plane flight generate a terabyte of data
Baseline productivity
Security is major focus
Commercial conversations - beyond tech
Less datacenters... More Application, analytics that differentiate in the market

HR and Tech meet regularly

BYOApps - 5000 apps being used. "Guard rails" - private, understand licensing, share with us
make it easier to use sanctioned platforms
Get out of employees way... just concentrate on transactional systems and data structure
Own tool - Performance Development at GE (PDatGE) - share instant feedback at/after meetings
Replacing Annual Review cycle
Goal is better communication between employee and manager. Ongoing conversation for "Continuous improvement"

Security for employees and machines (consumers for healthcare)

Disclose all employee tracking actions - Ethical and legal
500 cyber-security employees. Daily briefing on every attack. World actions/trends and correlations to connect dots in data
Internal "Red Team" for controlled internal hack for vulnerabilities. Patches are boring but important
Hundreds of phishing attacks daily (email ploy to click and breach). Metrics on remediation. Dwell time

"Fast Works" with Eric Reis - Agile method. Do less with less. Empower employees. Lower risk control

Not waterfall. Scrum. 2 week releases parallel teams. 
70% of staff are outsourced. Want to rebuild tech know-how in-house
IT evolving to own implementation AND outcomes

More digitally savy employees - the next gen leader

CIO is COO - digitize and optimize. wing-to-wing responsibility
How data helps top-line growth. More commercially focused
Digital/Industrial company - differentiator. Go from 3D model to production without the many current steps
Auditors that can code program for better accounting
Engineers code analytics
Supply chain coding solutions for better manufacturing

Hates security sign-ins at offices

Favorite books: The first 90 days and Ready Player One


Jim Fowler

Chief Information Officer at GE
Greater Atlanta Area  
Previous - GE Capital, GE Power & Water, GE

Jeff Immelt - CEO
Said, CIOs need to be less passive. IT is used to change business models
Traditional CIO is dead...less datacenters, infrastructure, PCs ... now these are just services
Disruptions from entrepreneurs


Susan P. Peters

SVP, Human Resources 

Rich Carpenter -  Industrial Internet

General Manager Controls Platforms, GE Automation and Control at General Electric
Charlottesville, Virginia Area Industrial Automation
Previous - GE Intelligent Platforms

FYI - Big picture on the evolution of GE - http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-03-17/how-ge-exorcised-the-ghost-of-jack-welch-to-become-a-124-year-old-startup

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Interview with Jim Fowler Chief Information Officer GE.com