Thank you for Connected Things 2016 at MIT

As part of the MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge’s Internet of Things (IoT) organizing committee, I’d like to thank everyone that made the 8th annual Connected Things conference a success!

Industry leaders are already harvesting billions in revenue on Connected Products. As more devices get connected, more businesses will be created... and many disrupted ... learn where your business can benefit.

The goal is to bring clarity to a topic where there is still a lot of uncertainty. This year, we’ll go beyond the hype curve and focus on where the money is by showcasing real world use cases.

Proximity Marketing’s Rapidly Expanding Universe

The proximity marketing universe is expanding at an ever-accelerating rate — with new forms of engagement in new kinds of places. It’s where mobile and digital media meet the Internet of Things.

In this session you’ll actually see how proximity marketers can bring big value to almost anyone anywhere - because this entire Connected Things conference will be a live proximity marketing demo!

All conference attendees will wear Loopd ( Bluetooth tags. So in this session (and only this session) you’ll see event stats, such as:

   Which Connected Things sessions and exhibits were most popular
   Which sessions and exhibits connected most with attendees
   Which attendees were the biggest networkers
   Which attendees visited the most exhibits
   How much time attendees spent at the event
   How long was the average visit
   How did traffic flow volumes correlate against session and exhibit schedule

Watch a short overview of Loopd in action: 

Loopd CT2016 from Ted Reed TV

It all leads to a fascinating and informed discussion with our panel of leading proximity marketing experts:

Watch the Q and A from this year's Marketing and Media Panel:
Raizlabs panel from Ted Reed TV 

- Moderator: Asif R. Khan - Founder & President - Location Based Marketing Association  @AsifRKhan @TheLBMA

- Thomas Walle Jensen - CEO and Co-founder  
Beacon-powered Mobile Marketing at scale
Proximity Network aggregator and manager of 

- Greg Raize, CEO Raizlabs - Digital and Mobile Agency bringing creative ideas and deep campaign data -

- Rebecca Schuette - Marketing at Swirl Networks - mobile beacon solutions for retailers -

- Charlie Ungaschick - PTC CMO gone tech.

- Demo from Thomas Friedman - Business Strategist at Loopd
Loopd is a super-angel funded Silicon Valley company that has developed a real-time proximity marketing and analytics platform powered by low-cost smart wearable technology.

For Connected Things 2016, we anticipate 500 registrants who share interest in all things ‘connected’. There will be opportunities to enhance your knowledge, widen your network, stimulate your innovative self and expand your understanding of connected things.

FYI - Go HERE to watch a recent 2 hour event when the Enterprise Forum hosted the Location Based Marketing Association ( and others for a panel discussion about People, Places, and Media.

Please let me know if you have any questions about attending and feel free to share

any suggestions you might have for the event itself. Use 

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