Receptive Customers Truly Engage at Resorts

2:00 Overview on Reaching The Right Customers

Hey Friends - I have found a smart and fun media business to run - with my people - Skiers!

We are powder-deep in connecting brands and agencies to the entire snow sports industry thru SitourUSA (pronounced "See Tour") for marketing on-and-beyond the slopes. 

SitourUSA is the global leader in ski resort media marketing -
We understand what drives winter sport passions and what drives brand performance. 

For over 40 years we are still inventing multimedia methods to connect brands with a fun, active, and affluent audience in their favorite environment ...       on and thinking about the mountains...Where it's Apres-Ski all day!

We have built a multimedia distribution system to manage print, electronic billboards, promotions, and mobile marketing campaigns at our destination partners - over 100 resorts in the United States and 1,000 around the world. 

So, Think Snow and invite us to share ideas on how to make strong connections to the audience we know and love - because we are:
 … joyful families ... affluent singles ...  fashionable tourists ... consistent buyers.

With an income twice the national average, skiers are the "Upscale Active"  consumers who 

Listen to our latest "Peak Performers" podcast interview with resort marketing leader Tom Meyers. 

Here is a demonstration of how we manage the platform for multimedia content across Vail Resorts:

See the below slides for an overview and the "Season of Safety" program to reach them while they are open to bold opportunities (and your brand) - all day and all season -  from the first turn to the last chair!

Activity Inspires... Everything
... Customers!

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