Cool & Smart ... inspired by Ogilvy Digital Labs

Ogilvy has it going on in NYC at the launch of their Digital Labs with some of the most forward thinking and valuable new media service providers... 
Aerva was center stage during the entire presentation, providing:
  • Multi-framed video with interactivity from any phone
  • Content management of any Web content to any screens
  • Live polling and instant display of results
  • Txt 2 Screen, Twitter 2 Screen, Pic 2 screen, Social 2 Screen!
  • Reply back to participant's phones for automatic engagement and lead generation with calls-to-action, coupons, links, and any media
Here is an overview montage of Ogilvy Lab participants in action:

More Cool & Smart Partners: uses Beacons to connect your Mobile with... Everything! makes a magazine ad into a kid-tracking Beacon

Simple Augmented Reality Demo. AR engages and ads value

TrendHunter says ... Beacons, Sensor Reality, Clairvoyant E-Tail ...!

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