Data Hogs

Information is only as valuable as the applied result.

"Slopefiller" skiers are leading most industries with Big (mountain) Data!

Don't you love and hate the line “if you can't measure it, you can't fix it” ... because we all want to rely on our honed but innate gut instincts... no need for analysis/paralysis ... make quick decisions... move on.  Well, keep dreaming!

Check the data hogs that love to slop around with the feeds and numbers. 

Slopefillers is a rare and magical research service. They have matched their love for snowsports with their love for data and are sharing amazing insights into the "Active Lifestyle." Their partner Ryan Solutions offers CRM solutions and answers to amazing questions like the below "Stash." Answer is HERE.

See their revealing Dashboard of Social Media usage at the top ski resorts...

More Data ... applied.

FreshyMap is weather data applied for fun and value... find the fresh snow so you have more fun and get more out of the cost of your lift ticket! They also have a clever contest to find and win a pair of ski goggles... which you need... in the powder.