Quick update and an offer …

As you may know, I am advising a few tech startups - to stay young and sharp - it's working!

One, Jebbit, has a really great way to engage customers by asking questions about your own website … the value is “pay-only-for-performance” because you only pay when they make correct answers!

Your audience gets paid for correct answers about your content... or they unlock VIP access or rewards or anything you want to give people that prove they are learning about your website info!

Jebbit is offering a special rate this month to get feedback on a new system to reach college students. Please consider it to encourage smarter sales technology and get a deal at the same time!

$500 gets thousands of students (and millions with new publishing partners!) at thousands of universities to look through your site.

To learn more and sign up for a quick demo go to http://www.jebbit.com

Or just give me an email or call – dcutler@eatmedia.com 617-331-7852

However, if you want more info now...

Jebbit is a TechStars funded "ad tech" company out of Boston College with a platform for marketers to ask questions and compensate prospects in a nifty pay-per-performance system... you only pay when users learn and give correct answers.

Try a quick demo at http://bit.ly/JebbitBoseDemo - Hit "Jebbit" and mouse over the top of the page… answer a few questions… learn about Bose…share with friends... make some cash (about $20 hour!) ...

Using your existing content to inform, qualify, and inspire customers ... Jebbit's top navigation bar is loaded with engagement functions. Jebbit is a triple play - 1) Qualified customer acquisition 2) Research insights 3) Retention and community engagement

You can deploy a white-label version or embedded widget for any audience ...but their initial market is college students. Bose, Coke, Zipcar and others are engaging online at 3,000 campuses. There is also a Mobile App.

Let me know if you want to get on a phone call … or just sign up for a quick demo at http://www.jebbit.com/ads/

I love to share the good stuff!