How Green Really Works

Yeah, it's not easy being green... but there are good reasons to do the right things.

One step is to learn more... Here is an invitation to come to the Building Energy 13 trade show March 5-7 at the Boston World Trade Center. Get (and share) your free Expo pass - HERE

And yes, as usual, there is a marketing question...

When it comes to Going Green, what works to influence people to take action? 
In general, what moves us?

My favorite Freshman debate was that we are only motivated be either fear or greed. Simply doing good is mired in enlightened self-interest... discuss

Fear and guilt will only activate those already inclined to participate, so awareness of important causes is the first step. Smart marketing helps - a great line to live by is "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem" (from ad copywriter Charlie Rosner for a 1967 Volunteers in Service to America poverty campaign). But does it motivate action?

In 2006 Mr. Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth"  increased CarbonFund offset purchasing by 50% for people within 10 miles of those movie theaters... but just for 2006. Some movements do work.- 2 million Prius owners are getting more than just saving money at the gas pump. They are a branded community proud to do their part. Corporations are building employee moral by prioritizing and incentivizing efficiencies in the workplace and manufacturing processes.

As corporations have been Greening, do you buy only from those that make it to approved lists like Newsweek's Green Rankings? How about not buying from this list of the worst?

Since fear works for a a little while, then greed is the answer for long-term thinkers. So, bottom line value is the focus of the Sustainable Network Summit we are producing later this year. Check it out if you are involved with the technical efficiency of commercial buildings.

Get started at home and at the office

Here are a few choices - greed (or real value) ... and fear... and one for fun....

Next Step Living has a solution that makes it easy and free to make your house more energy efficient. It's a simple process ... pros come - they assess - give you new bulbs - and other stuff. You should invite them over.

Then there is Government policy. Boston Mayor Menino is proposing to share landlord's energy use. This fear tactic is going to be very interesting! More on this at my Sustainability Blog HERE

Practically Green is making it a fun game for individuals and company employees to act Green. 

So, good reasons and solutions to put in the effort...