New Media For Sales

This article was written for the February Small Business Buzz Magazine  from the Enterprise Center at Salem State.

New Media For Sales

Thanks to all you readers that have asked for more about Sales and Marketing. So, this article is about how to re-think all the usual elements of your business to make your Sales efforts more creative, memorable, and effective - for both you and your customers.

Since 90% of all new businesses fail mostly due to poor sales, now is the time to add innovation to your Sales to take advantage of all the new Digital opportunities and respond to the re-set economy. Let’s get beyond the pushy “Salesman” image and think about it as creative problem-solving. You get to be re-inspired to sell … and your prospects will be reminded about new reasons to buy.

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Every business feels the pressure to use Social Media to connect with customers, but too often the efforts made do nothing to actually increase sales. You can’t just set up accounts and let them languish – the Blog without a post for 6 months, the Twitter account that never tweets… these do not create promotional buzz, customer loyalty, or rev up your sales. Using New Media means opening up to new ideas.

First things first, don’t waste your Home Page. People searching for your product need to find love at first sight. If you haven’t seen your own site lately, take a look, be objective … would it sell you? This goes for your Mobile version as well.

Use your sales system (Outlook,, Constant Contact, a spreadsheet) as a research tool that helps you understand customer preferences and manage how you should communicate with them. Ask, listen, and learn about new problems that you can get excited about solving.

If your product or service has attracted a fan base, let them create the Social Media buzz for you. Offer a Loyalty Program, Digital discounts, and opportunities to share stories, pictures, and endorsements on their Social Media and on your site.


Here are 3 examples of sales promotions that are taking advantage of the same New Media you are using…

- The Doritos “Crash The Super Bowl” campaigns ( can be used by any company (not just big-budget Super Bowl advertisers). This consumer-generated video contest still works after 7 years because Doritos is not afraid to let their fans take control of their brand. The company gets low-cost creative that is authentically tied to their communities.  Would you let your fans tell your stories?

- TastiDelights ( has over 50 locations and empowers a growing legion of fans to share their Tasti love through an innovative customer loyalty program. With every “like” and purchase, a message and coupon is automatically sent across the fan’s Social Media platforms. The company also harnesses technology across their operations with iPads in the back office and as customer-engagement kiosks. Check out their book The Tasti D-Lite Way: Social Media Marketing Lessons for Building Loyalty and a Brand Customers Crave. So, how are you letting your customers be your sales force?

- 30 year old Industrial Shredder manufacturer SSI ( may not be as modern but they are having fun building morale across the company and reputation across the industry with their Watch It Shred series of videos at - go ahead watch them shred a sofa, piano, car! Over 20 million blog posts and views on YouTube (mostly by destructive teenage boys) has resulted in SSI ranking higher in Google search results by qualified customers. What stories can you tell about the effects of your product on a customer? Keep in mind that it’s more about them than you.

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Get creative to refresh your Sales with New Media!

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