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Be helpful and make sure your email address is listed in your email "signature" for every send.

5 Steps to a Perfect Presentation:
  1. Name the enemy
  2. Why now? (for your solution)
  3. Show the promised land (before explaining how you will get there)
  4. Identify obstacles and how to overcome
  5. Tell the truth... show evidence
Topic Recon and People Searching:
Of course,

Awesome content producers I try to keep up with:
- Best Data Scientist for Marketing is Chris Penn
- Chris Walker give Sales Revenue secrets away
- it used to be Seth 
- It was Casey for a while
- Now sometimes
Business Insider has a must-see daily
A16z podcasts are too smart and too fast
Scott Monty's weekly 15 minute podcast

Lifehacker is the best. Simple evaluation of news and tricks
Product Hunt provides curated recommendations to the best stuff

Find your next best event for your career at 

During the call, add music and sounds from

Write like music 
Use gooder words with
Find even more options at
Access Alliteration Again
Because English is to hard -
Change the CAPITALIZATION or not
Bob shares the best tips on writing

Find royalty-free art pictures at and

BuzzSumo : Enter a website or a topic to find the most shared and engaging content.

Quora: Search for your keywords in a search box of Quora, and you will get unlimited ideas for your blog content. - Securely convert files online in bulk.

Blog topic generator: Enter your keyword and it will give you post ideas.

Google Trends: Check the currently trending topics or find the search trend for any keyword of your choice.

Infographic awesomeness -

Free slide templates (see green "free" link) and

Pocket is my favorite save-for-later reading app. I also share my favorites at

A Trello Board

What are your business and personal Principles?
Are they awesome like Adam's at Firefield?

Use (and track clicks! to shorten URLs and make them attractive - Like this: 

See these options when your are looking for inspiration around your next video

Crystal Knows provides a-little-creepy-but-helpful psychological profiles thru Linkedin of your prospects... Friends... Yourself!

Harness digital marketing by reading ... then learn enough to know how to work with a professional expert that will REALLY help you harness digital marketing.

Selling requires you know your customers (duh). Use this "Persona" template.

Digital Marketer Cheat Sheet - now 26 of them:

The Mutha Load -

Know your audience... Duh. Now you need to know your audience with a phone in their hand. Please understand the data on their digital usage. See this huge list of NextWeb research

Snarky truths to share with friends -

Options for posting your decks -  

Small Biz Vendor Ratings (Net Promoter Score) 

Competitive Analysis Advice

Check if your website is Mobile-friendly HERE

Also -

Love the helpful sharing smarty-pants on Quora

Searching techniques to really see how amazing Google is

Really good overview of web developer stuff
His mindmap has detailed videos as you go along

For a curmudgeon's take on Advertising/Sociology - Read Bob Garfield

An Analog Tip - here are the best bathrooms around Boston and in NYC

Here is how to approve emails so they do not go to spam:

Here are the links to the "Settings" of your own Social Network profiles...
LinkedInTwitterPinterest, and Facebook

Here are links to the pages where you can manage how much crap they send you...
 LinkedIn  Twitter  Google+  Facebook

Regularly learn about and connect with the "Influencers" you want to ... influence
  • Google Alerts. Emails you news about specific people, key words, companies, phrases
  • Grouphigh. Grouphigh is a tool for identifying influential bloggers that cover particular topics. It allows you to search through more than 13 million active blogs to find relevant bloggers in your space.
  • Bitly. You can use Bitly to find out who’s sharing your content. By copying your existing content into the link shortener, you can find out which people sharing your content are generating the highest engagement.
  • Twtrland. Twtrland helps you find influencers on particular topics. You can search for a skill, topic or location.
  • Little Bird. Little Bird also allows you to search by topic. It allows you to keep up-to-date with what particular influencers are saying.
Simple HTML code ... Try a little to understand a lot

Get Social Media - Get SoMe 

Every once in a while, it is a good idea to reset the obvious... because the obvious changes pretty fast these days. Even our own first Web "child"...the regularly updated Webopedia... has a hard time keeping up with the definition and related links for Social Media.

Being active on social media can connect your organization with people in entirely new ways and get them fired up about your company. Reaping the benefits from social media requires genuine engagement, valuable content and brand consistency. 

- Make your engagement original and don't copy and paste content across social media platforms. 
- Treat social media platforms as messengers to distribute content that your target audience will enjoy. 
- Be consistent with your brand communication across all social media platforms to coordinate and enhance your digital brand image.

- Be active. Encourage activity. Ask questions. Provide answers.
- Give more than you ask

Social media sites can contribute heavily to the top of your lead funnel if the engagement is original and custom-tailored to each specific social media platform. remembers this and shares simple re-definitions of Social Media...are some top tips for increasing online conversions through genuine engagement on top social media platforms  


LinkedIn is primarily a business network, so share more professionally focused content. Use the Careers tab to boost recruiting efforts. Post job openings and display employee testimonials. Use the Products tab to highlight different service offerings, display customer testimonials and solicit company recommendations. Interact with your industry's most popular LinkedIn Groups. If there isn't a group for your industry, start one. Deliver quality content to the group and interact with members on a regular basis.

See The 29 Point Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Mastering LinkedIn 


Be visual and light-hearted. Popular Facebook posts tend to be visual in nature. Studies show that photos and videos have a much higher rate of engagement than simple text-based messages. Rather than sales pitches, show the lighter side of your business by sharing office photos, especially of funny moments. No one wants to be given a sales pitch on their news feed!


Twitter is all about engagement. Engagement can happen on Twitter with millions or with just one person. Find your target market's influencers and engage directly with quality content. Monitor your brand mentions by Twitter members using services like Twilert or Google Alerts. Optimize your broad-reach tweets to the optimal times throughout the day. For example, if your market were comprised of teenagers, you probably wouldn't tweet at them on Saturday mornings. Services like Crowdbooster will actually suggest the optimal tweeting times based upon previous tweet performance data.


Think of this as your company's TV channel. YouTube is your opportunity to display thought leadership through video. Build playlists of videos around industry needs and topics. Be sure to optimize your videos by completing all video meta-data including title, description and keyword tags.

Instagram is the new best image-based community sharing channel. Have fun with it.


Duct Tape Marketing gives you all the basics

Like the 7 Essential Stages of your online presence

Todd's Media class at BU is still relevant...

For your heart/head...

"Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don't really matter." See 99 more


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