Good Friends and Good Videos

Video can be a good friend if you treat it like one.

Remembering the worthwhile effort it takes for a good friend will help you understand how to manage video for your business communications and sales. The more honest, casual, and open the better... and fun, right?

Here are the steps for your video adventures... that really begins once you start experimenting with your phones video camera...

1 Strategy - What is the best story already happening that you can tell? The most compelling drama about you fulfilling on promises? This may be a few steps away from you or your direct customers... look for great the most interesting stuff and make the connection back.

2) Production - Both a smartphone video and high-end camera are perfect for the right agenda. The magic is in the editing... "B-Roll" ... graphics... music... 

3) Distribution - Learn and use the tricks on YouTube for tagging, sharing, tracking, etc. Check out services from Pixibility and ViralGains

4) Optimize - Use their YouTube tricks to learn what works and how to get the actions you want

So, how much "production" do you need? I have had success just talking at my smartphone camera on the beach (about the "Strategic Sweet Spot for Sales"). Here are three examples of a little more preparation and almost none...but a good sense of humor:

For inspiration (awe and embarrassment), HERE are the most viewed YouTubes of all time

The below infographic from Brightcove illustrates the importance of content (including video) that can be easily shared on social networks and viewed on mobile devices.

Key Points

  1. Video is the best storytelling medium with a 1 minute video equivalent to 1.8 million words on the social and mobile web. (This is a great line but dubious math from Forrester Researcher, James McQuivey)
  2. Videos are 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of search results
  3. 84% of Internet users in 56 countries watch video at home on a computer at least once a month

So... be real... put in a little effort... and video like it's your friend!

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