The Marketer's Line of IRRESPONSIBILITY

Where is that confounded line?

Urban Outfitters has crossed it in their new catalog.

In this 3rd/4th page spread, a young, bored heroin-hipster is doing an aerosol-can-flame-thrower... that stunt contender for the stupidest thing that even stupid kids know not to attempt... up there with driving drunk and beltless.

So, URBN must be burning for "any press is good press" coverage while encouraging their dumbass demographics to roulette between singed eyebrows and death. That's so hot.

I am all for challenging social guidelines to get attention. In fact, this is one of the secrets to what I help my clients do. But this irresponsibility towards life and death is just an obvious line not to cross. 

The hard part now is deciding how much to talk about this and give them the "promo" they are so desperate for. Or do we use this opportunity to remind marketers about that line?

Shaming the decision-makers for this "sales art" is important. We can start with flaming them back on their Twitter -