Digital Darwinism - Adapt or Adieu

Bonin Bough is at the pulpit again ... preaching Darwinian hellfire 
...if you don't adapt your Digital understanding, you will surpassed by a (usually younger) competitor that does.

Below - Bonin keynotes Influence12 at Advertising week in NYC last month
Below that - watch other amazing presentations... Gary is a contender.

Here are a few points he evangelizes in the below video...
Digital is changing the way we communicate
... look at your kids... ask Newsweek ... and Borders
Google is rewiring how we think
Progress influenced us to say it is OK to "run like clockwork"
Digital addiction is real
Your clients expect you to be their dealer
Chuck Darwin warns us of extinction without adaption
(see my "Adopt Adaptability" post from last year)
You can scale your influence to the new consumer by getting into shape
Get Digital Fitness - learn, train, evolve... no pain no gain.
Change is painful for companies. Push through it.
You cannot "set and forget" projects like you used to
Invite innovation - be iterative... nothing is done
Admit barriers then push and trust your people to lead the way

All #Influence12 sessions... yes, watch Gary next:
Adam Hirsch, SVP, Emerging Media & Technology, Edelman
Alexis Ginas, VP Revenue, Viggle
Amanda Richman, President, Digital, MediaVest
B. Bonin Bough, VP Global Media & Consumer Engagement, Mondelēz International
Baratunde Thursten, Founder, Cultivated Wit & Author, How to Be Black
Ben Lerer, Co-Founder & CEO, Thrillist Media Group (Moderator)
Bill Koenigsberg, President, CEO & Founder, Horizon Media
Brad Klaus, CEO, Extole
Brandon Evans, CEO & Founder, Crowdtap
Bret Lofgren, CRO, SocialVibe
Chris Beck, Chief Vision Officer, 26 Dot Two
Christine Osekoski, Publisher, Fast Company
Deb Roy, Co-Founder & Chairman, Bluefin Labs
Doug Chavez, Vice President, Marketing, RadiumOne
Eva Hung, Group Product Marketing Manager, Google + B2B
Gary Vaynerchuk, Co-Founder, VaynerMedia
Gemma Craven, EVP & NY Group Head, Social@Ogilvy
Greg Shove, Founder & CEO, SocialChorus (Moderator)
Ji Lee, Creative Strategist, Facebook
Kristin Frank, GM, Digital Media, MTV, VH1
Marc Speichert, CMO, L’Oréal USA
Mickey McManus, President & CEO, MAYA Design
Peter Horan, President & COO, Answers Media Group (Moderator)
Raj Kadam, CEO & Founder, Viral Heat
Tim Perzyk, Research Manager, Global Sales Strategy, Twitter